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‘The Kiss Shouldn’t Have Happened’: Joie Chavis Sets the Record Straight About Being In Italy Kissing Diddy Despite Him Seemingly Dating Yung Miami

Dancer and Instagram model Joie Chavis is getting tired of the online attacks she’s been receiving about the men she’s been romantically linked to.

On Jan. 6, she confessed on her Instagram page that despite being put “through so much pain” and being “terrified” to put her heart on the line that she’s ready to try being in love again. She also vowed to remain celibate “until the right one comes along.” However, a few of her haters weren’t buying it and decided to be shady by mentioning her former relationship with Diddy and Future.

Joie Chavis. (Photo: @joiechavis/Instagram)

One fan reacted to her post by saying, “She was just with Diddy and Yung Miami.” In a lengthy response, Chavis came clean about what really went down between her and Diddy.

She said, “No TF I wasn’t. Since y’all so damn nosy, here it is! Me and him are friends and have been! I was working on un unreleased project for him and thats why I was in Italy! In the midst of me being there we kissed, thats it. Didn’t go further than that! I had my own damn room and he has always been respectful to me as a friend. The kiss shouldn’t have happened, but it did, and theres nothing I can do about it.”

Joie Chavis addresses situation regarding her kissing Diddy. (Photo: @theshaderoom/Instagram)

Last September, Chavis was spotted on a yacht with Diddy in Italy, and pictures surfaced of the two kissing and cuddled up together on the boat. This confused fans since just the month before he was with City Girls rapper Yung Miami and many thought they were dating since she was sitting on his lap in a video. A gossip blog also noticed that shortly after news broke about Chavis being on a yacht with the Bad Boy Records founder she and Yung Miami had unfollowed each other.

Joie Chavis and Diddy cuddling up on a yacht in Italy. (Photo: @theshaderoom)

Seemingly mentioning Yung Miami, Chavis continued, “She knew about the project because I told her prior, in Houston! I didn’t and still dont know anyone else’s business on how people deal with each other but being that we always exchange on socials, I thought I should let her know. I hate that Im even responding right now cause usually I pay it, BOOTS! Not this year and moving forward! Im gonna stand up for myself regardless of how y’all see it, or what y’all believe.”

Diddy and Yung Miami. (Photo: @yungmiami/Instagram)

She said, “Im tired of it. I dont bother NO ONE, I make my money and take care of my kids! That’s my only focus! Now find someone else to bully and dead this damn love circle y’all think is going on! Cause it ain’t that, wasn’t that and will never be that!! Now leave me alone lol.”

It seems that since the incident Yung Miami and Diddy may have patched things up, because she posted photos of the two on a romantic getaway in October before quickly deleting them. Then she was spotted once again at his New Year’s party a few days ago. Chavis was also in attendance at the party.

Since Chavis has decided to stand up for herself she also took time to respond to people throwing jabs at her for sleeping with Future and having a son with him in 2018. Someone said, “She must’ve thought Future was the one.”

The mother of two said, “and no I dont! We have a great co parenting relationship and friendship. He does what he’s suppose to as a father and makes sure Im always straight! Period!”

Joie Chavis addresses her relationship with Future. (Photo: @joiechavis/instagram)

She then addressed the diamond Hndrxx bracelet that she bought him recently for Christmas. “So that bracelet, yeah! I bought it! Its the least I can do after all he’s done to help me with my business or whatever it may be. Im not concerned with his personal life like yall! 💤 Ok goodnight back to 🤐 Joie.”

Chavis also has a 10-year-old daughter named Shai Moss with rapper Bow Wow.

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