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‘Embarrassing’: Lil Durk Slammed After Working with and Supporting Other Artists to Work with Morgan Wallen Following the N-word Controversy

Social media is not happy with Lil Durk after the Chicago-born rapper called on fellow artists, including Pulitzer Prize-winning star Kendrick Lamar, to work with Morgan Wallen. The country singer found himself engulfed in controversy after February 2021 when a video of him shouting the N-word leaked

Durk’s support for the controversial star appears to stretch well past their December collaboration “Broadway Girls.” Recently the “Still Trappin’” rapper came to the 28-year-old’s defense during an interview with TMZ on Wednesday, Jan. 5, in Beverly Hills, California. 

Lil Durk (L) and Morgan Wallen (R). Screenshot/ YouTube

The 29-year-old, whose real name is Durk Derrick Banks, was asked about Wallen’s infamous usage of the derogatory term and whether he should be uncanceled. Durk also shut down the idea Wallen was racist.

“He ain’t no racist. That’s my boy. We had a long talk. He had his public situation. … I vouch for him, and he good,” Durk said.  As far as Wallen’s status, the “Chasin’ You” artist said, “He ain’t canceled, I talked to him. When I say you ain’t canceled, you ain’t canceled.” 

Durk also agreed that other artists should embrace Wallen and appeared to endorse the idea of Wallen working with Lamar, as the country singer is rumored to want to do. Critics on social media were not too thrilled with Durk’s support of Wallen and were very vocal with grievances. “Now they both canceled,” wrote one Twitter user. 

“This so embarrassing honestly. Allowing a man who got caught using the n word (hard r) literally just last year to profit off of our culture,” wrote another person. 

“Like what’s the point of everything that we went through last year?” said a third person. “You want the culture to work with him and give him a pass just because you’re real tight with him? It makes no sense and this is exactly why they think we’re a joke now. That’s goofy.”

Wallen found himself thrust into headlines on the heels of a viral video clip of him using the racist term after what appeared to be a night out with friends. In the clip, Wallen is seen outside hurling profanities at his friends, including, “Take care of this “p****-ass m**********r,” before adding: “Take care of this p****-ass n*****.” 

The Tennessee native ultimately apologized for his behavior. He promised to donate $500,000 to Black-led organizations, but it’s unclear if he ever followed through. 

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