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‘Rich People Just Running Out of Gifts to Give’: Fans Aren’t Impressed with Gucci Mane’s Birthday Gift to Keyshia Ka’oir

Gucci Mane caused a social media uproar on Thursday, Jan. 6, after surprising his wife, Keyshia Ka’oir, with a lavish gift in honor of her 37th birthday.

In the Instagram post, Ka’oir, who shared images and clips from the birthday celebration, uploaded a video of herself opening a wrapped gift from Gucci. While removing the items from an orange box, Ka’oir and party-goers were stunned to see bands of $100 bills and a single rack of $20s and $50s.

Gucci Mane gives his wife Keyshia Ka’oir a million dollars in honor of her 37th birthday. Photo:@keyshiakaoir/Instagram

As the recording continued, Ka’oir dumped the pile of money on the table as her guests cheered in the background. In another video, Ka’oir confirmed the amount of money that Gucci gave to her for her special day. 

She said, while putting her money in a bag, “It’s a million dollars y’all.” The clip wraps up with Ka’oir asking guests if they wanted some money. Alongside the post, Ka’oir expressed her gratitude to Gucci for making this her “best” birthday ever. She wrote in the caption, “ONE OF MY BEST BIRTHDAYS EVER Thank u hubby @laflare1017.” 

When fans began viewing Ka’oir’s viral upload, many claimed that the couple was running out of gift ideas for each other, so they resorted to giving money. 

“They running out of gifts they better start buying each other stars or planets or something.”

“Pretty much they running out of stuff to buy each other.”

“Rich people just running out of gifts to give.”

“When you got everything you want it’s hard to find a gift.”

“They running out if ideas.”

In addition to the “gift” remarks, others mentioned how pointless it is for celebrity couples to gift each other money if they already have access to their partner’s banking information and live in one household. One wrote, “Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird when married celebrities gift their partner these crazy amounts of money? Like y’all are married.”

Another said, “I always wonder if celebs get tired of being gifted money or cars because technically she already had access to the money as his wife, lol.” An Instagram user stated, “What’s the point when y’all together and the money still in the household.”

This isn’t the first time Gucci has given money to his wife. Some of Gucci’s past gifts to Ka’oir have consisted of cash, cars and jewelry.

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