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‘The Feet In the Shoes Is Sending Me to Glory’: Tyler Perry Debuts a New Look for His Character Madea While Teasing a New Project, Fans React

Tyler Perry took to Instagram on Wednesday, Jan. 5, to promote his latest Madea project by undergoing a drastic makeover.

Perry, who has portrayed the iconic character Mabel “Madea” Simmons since the early 2000s, created a parody of Adele’s “30” album and the singer’s one-on-one Oprah interview while teasing Netflix’s “A Madea Homecoming.”

Tyler Perry teases his new Madea project with Netflix by editing the character on Adele’s album cover and Oprah Interview. Photo:@tylerperry/Instagram

Although details surrounding the new film and the premiere date have yet to be released, this project would be bringing Madea out of retirement after Perry previously shared in the interview that he would be saying goodbye to the character in 2019.

In the Instagram post, the 52-year-old said, while sharing a mock cover of Adele’s album he titled Ma-Delle 90, “After many years Ma-delle releases her new album, 90. Tune in for a very special interview with Oprah where she talks about her divorce and the new album. She will even perform her new single, Go Hard On Me, and her oldie but goodie, Hellur. NETFLIX!!”

Following Perry’s post, Oprah took the mogul’s comments section to arrange an actual sit-down interview. She wrote, “HellURRRRRR. It’s ME. I’m ready for our sit down convo. Need to know what you’ll be wearing so I can coordinate colors and set background.
Have your people call my people.”

Oprah responds to Tyler Perry’s new Madea tease. Photo:@tylerperry/Instagram

As fans began to view Perry’s upload, many bypassed the star’s message and zoomed in on Madea’s shoes.

“Dem feet in dem shoes.”

“It’s the pumps for me size 15.”


“What size shoe ma-delle wears?”

“The feet in the shoes is sending me to glory.”

In addition to the shoe remarks, others expressed how Perry’s new Madea promotion was comedic gold. One wrote, “I am not about to play with you… I’m here for it, though.” Another said, “THIS IS PURE GENIUS.” A third Instagram user stated, “I am fully deceased.”

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