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‘Is the Owner Gonna Be Madea?’: Tyler Perry Gets to Work on New Show About a Female Strip Club Owner, ‘P-Valley’ Fans Not Thrilled

Media mogul Tyler Perry is bringing a strip club drama to BET+, and without seeing a single episode some fans are already giving him the side eye.

According to Deadline, the show titled “All the Queen’s Men” is about the “female owner of an upscale strip club in Atlanta who is savvy and charming.” While not much else is known about the show, aside from the fact that it will be filmed in the Peach State’s capitol, some already feel it may be too similar to the Starz hit show “P-Valley.”

Tyler Perry is working on a show about an upscale strip club in Atlanta, but fans can’t help to wonder if Madea will make an appearance. (Photo: @tylerperry/Instagram)

“So basically P Valley with bad wigs”

“Nahhh we already loyal to the PANK”

“All the queens men hmmmm I got a bad feeling about this one”

“Is the owner gonna be Madea?”

“P-Valley”, which is an hour-long drama set in the Mississippi Delta, is about a struggling strip club named The Pynk and its host of characters — from the dancers to patrons to city officials.

A prominent “P-Valley” cast member, Tyler Lepley, also happens to be a part of the cast for Perry’s “The Haves and The Have Nots.”

Regardless of the similarities between the shows, some potential viewers are less concerned with the “All the Queen’s Men” premise, and instead express an interest in wanting to see varied content. 

“Not sure this is the way. He can showcase women in way better ways!”

“I miss the 90s when all shows were actually entertaining and about something.”

“Can we get some black sitcoms again???? Different world, living single type shows 🗣 “

When joining forces with BET+ in 2019, Perry said, “I know how much my audience value and seek our great content, anchored in our culture and experiences.” It’s a sentiment he has echoed throughout the years as critics have questioned the narrative of Black women having to overcome countless struggles in his plays, movies and shows.

Since then he has launched multiple successful seasons of “The Oval” and “Sistahs.”

“One thing about Tyler, he gon create shows lol,” one fan said.

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