‘You Don’t Have Proof’: Tiny Harris Responds to Shekinah After Reality Star Claims the Singer Wanted Her to Fight Bernice Burgos Over T.I.

Tiny Harris seems to be sick of her former friend Shekinah Anderson speaking about the alleged drama that transpired in their friendship without having receipts to back up her statements.

Recently, Anderson went on her Instagram Live mentioning names like Kandi Burruss and Tamar Braxton as others with whom she has current genuine friendships. She later made new claims about the harassment she’s endured by Tiny’s husband, T.I., and why she and Tiny were “never” friends.

First photo: Shekinah Anderson; second image, Tiny and T.I. Harris (Photo: @thatshekinah/Instagram) (Photo: @majorgirl/Instagram)

In response to the live, Harris wrote a message on her own Instagram story saying, “If you don’t have proof that whatever you be talking about is working for you man do everyone a favor and shut yo ass up.”

Anderson spilled the tea about multiple moments where she felt like T.I. disrespected her and Tiny didn’t come to her defense, but she also spent a lengthy amount of time alleging that Tiny put her in an inconvenient situation with Instagram model Bernice Burgos. T.I. allegedly had an affair with Burgos in 2017, while the two were going through their divorce proceedings following months of marital woes.

Tiny and Anderson exchanged a few words on Instagram, and in the Live, Anderson claimed that her ex best friend even wanted her to fight Burgos. She also alleged that someone “encouraged” Tiny to “buy [her] name” if she did not fight Burgos.

“Yeah, yo’ wife encouraged her to buy my name years ago. That was some sh-t they did together with that Bernice sh-t. ‘If I don’t fight Bernice, my name gotta be bought.’ What kinda bullying sh-t is that? Bernice ain’t never did sh-t to me. She’s a beautiful girl, what I’m fighting her for?”

It’s not clear who Anderson is claiming “encouraged” Tiny, but she continued to describe the person as someone close to Tiny and her “best friend.” She said, “I wasn’t there. I ain’t hook ’em up. So, why the f-ck my name had to been bought because I’m a ghetto b–ch that’s her friend. Get out of here, that was a setup with both of them h-es. Them h-es was friends, they did that sh-t on purpose.”

“I had to spend a lot o f–king money to buy my f–king name back,” she said without explanation later on in the Live before also tearfully saying “she was never my friend.”


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