‘Real Bodyody!!’: Fans Rave Over Angela Simmons’ Natural Body After She Posts This Vacation Video

Angela Simmons natural body became the main attraction on Jan. 3 after the reality star uploaded a new vacation video.

In the Instagram Reel, a multi-clip video, Simmons showcased significant moments from her Caribbean getaway trip. The clips include various body shot recordings and candid photos as the 34-year-old frolicked on a beach at an undisclosed location.

Angela Simmons’ fans praise the star for encouraging acceptance of natural bodies with her post of a video of scenes from her vacation. @angelasimmons/Instagram

In addition to the video, Simmons joined the “I Am Woman” trend. Emmy Meli’s single inspired and lent its name to the social media challenge. This particular movement encourages women to love themselves in any state they are in. Those who participate in the challenge must upload a slideshow that best portrays them in the song’s first verse.  

Meli’s lyric from “I Am Woman” reads, “I am woman, I am fearless. I am sexy. I’m divine. I’m unbeatable. I’m creative. Honey, you can get in line. I am feminine, I am masculine. I am anything I want. I can teach you. I can love you If you got it going on.” This trend first began in October and has since garnered millions of views. 

Simmons reiterated the song’s message by captioning her post, “I am WOMAN.” As fans began to view Simmons’ upload, many praised the star for embracing her natural body. A social media user even called the mother of one an inspiration. 

“Yesss, show the skinny women, that curvy women look good as well.”

“I love you and how confident you are in your own skin…. stay true to yourself and natural…. you inspire me in many ways…”

“Real body ody!!!!!! Yesssssssss I love it!!!! I love that your putting the message out there for women to love the body their in and if you want to change it…….EXERCISE!!!! Versus just jumping right on the table.”

“Keep showing them what a real body looks like. Never change a thing you’re perfect.”

“We loving on all natural bodies in 2022 be it small, medium or large so long as it is natural…And Angela I can’t think of a more beautiful black woman like yourself to help represent this.”

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