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‘I Feel Like I’m Starting Over’: Tyler Perry Posts Instagram Pic Hoping He Can Get Back Into Shape In 2022

Tyler Perry posted a throwback photo on Instagram and wrote about his hopes of getting closer to his exercise goals. He recently had an injury and therefore has gained some weight. He received numerous comments of praise, love and support from fans. 

Perry went to Instagram and posted a mirror selfie from back in September. “I took this picture this past September around my 52nd birthday. I was killing it in the gym. Right after that I tore my meniscus and was told I needed surgery.”

Tyler Perry posts mirror selfie from back in September. @tylerperry/Instagram

Since the news of his injury, Perry has had a bit of a setback in terms of his goals when it comes to his physique. “I’ve gained about 12 lbs since then. I was so close to my goal, but now I feel like I’m starting over.” 

He wasn’t throwing a pity party though. Perry went on to be hopeful for the new year and especially after he has his surgery. “All of that to say, sometimes life will set you back, but as long as you have a breath in your body, you have to keep fighting. I’ll get it back when I recover. Happy New Year! Let’s get after it in 2022. Who’s with me? #willsmiththebestshapeofmylife”

He wasn’t alone in his thoughts and hopes for the new year, as many commented on the post. Even celebs like Fantasia Taylor said, “I went through that very same thing twice but I’m back up and I’m going to get to my goal so will you Big Bro.” Mario Lopez chimed in with, “Lookin good my man!”

Perry will persevere and he remains goal-oriented, which is quite inspirational to all in 2022. 

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