Faith Evans Fights Stevie J’s Request for Spousal Support

Faith Evans and Stevie J’s divorce proceedings are heating up as Evans has recently asked the court to deny Stevie J’s request for spousal support.

In addition to asking the court to block his request, in legal documents Evans is also asking that she be able to retain all of what she had before coming into the marriage.

Stevie J.
Stevie J and Faith Evans (photo credit: @faithevans/Instagram)

The document reads that she is asking that “all property acquired prior to marriage, by gift, inheritance, or devise, and after the date of separation.” (She) contends that the exact nature of such assets and debts are not yet fully known, and (she) will amend her petition or supplement it at the time of trial.”

For now, it is not clear the exact amount that Stevie J is requesting, but it seems that Evans is not concerned with receiving any spousal support from him. What also has raised eyebrows is the date that each party has listed for when they separated. Stevie’s documents state that they were separated this year on October 19, 2021. However, Evans says they have been separated since May 29, 2020.

Fans had different opinions about whether Evans should be required to pay Stevie J the spousal support. Both are musicians, with Evans being an R&B singer and Stevie J being a record producer. One person said, “Nah she needs to pay him if it was reversed he would have to pay,” and another wrote, “Stevie J is a clown for even asking for spousal support.”

Evans and Stevie have had their fair share of problems since they tied the knot in 2018. There’s been a domestic violence arrest with claims that Evans abused Stevie, infidelity accusations, a viral video of an argument between them, and now this divorce filing.

However, with each incident prior to moves toward divorce, the two have seemed to find a way to work it out and stick together.

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