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‘This Is About to Be All About Porsha I See’: ‘RHOA’ Reunion Trailer Drops and Fans are Dissatisfied

A trailer released on Thursday, April 15 by Bravo TV for a three-part reunion of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” was anything but explosive to many viewers. The nearly two-minute clip started with Porsha Williams, Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton shouting at each other until “RHOA” newbie Drew Sidora intervened with a prayer. 

The “Step Up” actress said, “Dear Heavenly Father, anoint my tongue because the truth needs to come out, Father. Allow the truth to be revealed. In Jesus Name Amen” The scene then transitioned to Williams shouting at Moore, “You don’t want anyone to be better.” to which the Kenya Moore Hair Care creator responded, “Have you decided to be better though.” 

Kenya Moore (L), Andy Cohen, Drew Sidora (center), Marlo Hampton, and Porsha Williams (R) Photo:@bravotv/Twitter Screenshot

Kandi Burruss makes her first appearance in the video when asked if she would bury the hatchet with Williams, to which production edited out her response to create suspense. 

Sidora’s life issues became a topic of discussion after Moore brought up that her family isn’t “under the same roof” and mentioned how the actress’s oldest son’s father is in jail. Then Sidora’s husband Ralph Pittman Jr.‘s transgression became center stage after “RHOA” reunion host and “Housewives” executive producer Andy Cohen asked who or what was in Tampa that caused him to stay there for three days. Sidora’s final appearance in the trailer shows the mother of three in tears and expressing how disappointed she was in Moore for trolling her throughout the whole season. 

Toward the end of the trailer, the ladies discuss the entire season’s theme, the strippergate incident, which was the alleged threesome during Cynthia Baliey’s bachelorette party between BOLO, the entertainer, Porsha Williams and Tanya Sam. 

Hampton introduced the prolonged theme by asking the ladies why production would set up the reunion theme like a dungeon. She then pointed at Williams and blurted out “because of her lies.” The clip ends with the “Dish Nation” co-host claiming that people brought up the “sex dungeon” allegation against Kandi Burruss to condemn Williams’ actions that could have taken place the night of Bailey’s party. 

She said, “To bring four years ago today, to try to add and condemn me with BOLO, because I’m a single fucking woman and I can do whatever I want.” To which Burruss replies as the screen fades to black “watch your tone.”

Many fans expressed how displeased they were with the trailer. Some blamed production for the terrible editing, while others mentioned how much the reunion was solely focused on Williams’ alleged sexual encounter with the stripper.

Bravo TV drops the trailer for the “RHOA” season 13 reunion and fans are left dissatisfied.

“Chile this isn’t giving what they thought it was gonna give…Production go to hell disrespectfully.”

“It’s gonna be Porsha’s reunion just like the season was about her 😂 they don’t got shit else to talk about.”

“Explosive?? Where this is s–t show!”

“Aint s–t explosive about that trailer. It’s underwhelming and we need another cut.”

“This is about to be all about Porsha I see….They should of brought Bolo out at this point since he has been talked about the majority of the damn season! Give him a peach already….smh.”

Earlier this month, Bravo released the “RHOA” season 13 looks showcasing all of the ladies’ ensembles. One person who received the most flak was Kandi Burruss. Many didn’t understand why her madame-inspired outfit was completely different from that of the other women. Burruss later addressed the backlash by revealing the reunion’s theme, which was the dungeon.

She said in a video, “I saw that old ugly picture that Bravo had put out of my reunion look, and I was like really? That was the picture they chose? So I did put a better video on my IG page just so you can get a better look of how the hair, and the makeup, the nails and everything all came together. Everybody was trying to roast me, but I was in the theme of what they told us the reunion was supposed to be, which was supposed to be burlesque, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,’ dungeon. So, clearly, I came dressed for that.”

Part one of the three-part reunion for season 13 of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” is set to air on April 25 at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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