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‘That Would Have Never Flew at the Tucker House’: Kandi Burruss Agrees ‘RHOA’ Cast Mate Drew Sidora and Husband Should Seek Therapy

Kandi Burruss offered support to her “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast mate Drew Sidora on Sunday after the “Step Up” actress disclosed she, alongside her husband Ralph Pittman, will attend marriage counseling. Burruss was a virtual guest on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” on Dec. 20.

The Xscape singer, who herself previously attended therapy, said the couple needs a mediator to help them sort through their issues. “I think they should choose the therapist together if he’s not comfortable with that person, but they definitely need a therapist, for sure.”

One of the problems stemmed from Pittman taking a three-day solo trip to Florida — to clear his head following a disagreement — without informing Sidora. Upon hearing of the situation, Burruss said that kind of behavior wouldn’t fly in her household.

She said, “How do you think you’re going to be gone for three days without any explanation? And then it pissed me off that she didn’t even know where he was until they had that conversation on camera. Oh no, that would have never flew at the Tucker house, just know that.” The 44-year-old added she was “pissed” that Sidora went through this and wanted to curse Pittman “out.”

(L-R) Kandi Burruss, Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman. Photo: @kandi @drewsidora/Instagram

The reality star’s comments came after Sidora expressed during a confessional on Sunday night’s “RHOA” episode that her relationship with Pittman wasn’t “great” following the couple’s fight that abruptly ended their anniversary dinner.

“I really feel like when we’re getting along, it’s forever. But when we have these arguments, at a certain point it’s like, enough is enough,” Sidora said. “We’ve got to get our act together for the sake of our kids and for our marriage if we want this thing to last.”

The couple have been married for six years and share three children.

New episodes of “RHOA” air Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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