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‘I Don’t Know What’s Going on’: Traci Braxton Breaks Her Silence About Sister Tamar Braxton’s Hospitalization

Traci Braxton attempted to offer a health update on her sister Tamar Braxton one week after the 43-year-old singer and songwriter was hospitalized for a possible drug overdose.

On Wednesday, July 22, the “Braxton Family Values” reality star went Live on Instagram to promote her upcoming film “The Couch,” a movie that touches on mental illness in the Black community. During the conversation, fans sent in questions regarding Tamar’s well-being. “So everybody’s asking me about my family situation, what is going on with my sister and stuff,” she said. Only thing I can say is keep us in your prayers because you know, times is rough right now and especially doing the movies with you guys and you know, with mental health and things like that.”

Traci Braxton (left) and Tamar Braxton (right) (Photos): @therealtracibraxton/Instagram, @tamarbraxton/Instagram

She went on to thank her fans for their prayers, explaining that people never know what others are going through privately. “You never know who’s in darkness. And it doesn’t matter; someone can have a smile on every day but you never know who’s in darkness and who’s walking in the darkness, you know? So I just like to thank everyone; just asking me questions. No, I don’t know what’s going on. Yes, I live here in Maryland, so I thank you for all the prayers and everything. No, I can’t give you no updates because I don’t know myself,” she said.

Tamar Braxton and David Adefeso (Photo): @tamarbraxton/Instagram

As previously reported, an ambulance reportedly rushed Tamar to the hospital on July 16 after her boyfriend David Adefeso called 911 to say he’d found Tamar unconscious at The Ritz-Carlton Residences in downtown Los Angeles. TMZ obtained footage of the 911 call where David revealed that Tamar had taken an unknown amount of prescription pills, had been drinking, and was having issues with the network that airs “BFV.”

People who watch the hit reality show know that Tamar and Traci have an estranged relationship, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Traci had no new information to give to the public. In 2018, everyone on the cast except Traci Braxton went on strike from the show, causing a larger divide between Tamar and Traci. The family allegedly demanded higher pay and refused to sign their contracts until We tv met their demands. The network and the family came to an agreement afterward.

Tamar was reportedly transferred to a new hospital specializing in mental health care last week. The Los Angeles facility reportedly contains top doctors in the field of mental health who specialize in depression, anxiety and sexual assault trauma.

Traci Braxton speaks out on her sister Tamar Braxton following the singer’s alleged suicide attempt. (Source: trymenot2day/Instagram
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