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‘Braxton Family Values’ Viewers Come Out In Support of Traci Braxton After Sisters Resist Filming

Traci Braxton has forged ahead with filming the second half of the sixth season of “Braxton Family Values” and she’s got a ton of fan support behind her, despite going against her sisters.

Braxton revealed earlier this week that she filmed some episodes for the show with former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Phaedra Parks. This detail was disclosed after reports that the star’s sisters TamarToniTowandaTrina and their mother, Evelyn did not show up to shoot earlier this summer.

traci braxton

(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

Towanda and Tamar have accused Traci of blindsiding the family, with Tamar saying Traci agreed not to show up on set and then went “against everyone behind their backs.”

“We were all on one accord,” Towanda said in part. “Traci breached the agreement and we were blindsided when we ALL decided to go on strike for several reasons and Traci showed up unbeknownst to us…later finding out that others were implanted in the show who knows NOTHING about our family dynamics.”

As for Traci’s discussion of how the family walk off took her back to being excluded from The Braxtons decades earlier, Towanda added that “over 20 years ago Traci decided to get pregnant and wasn’t able to be in the group… we didn’t kick her out…”

But fans have been rallying in support of Traci, blasting the Braxtons for how they’ve treated her.

“Simply based on the show, it really does seem like Traci ALWAYS gets the short end of the stick & nobody considers her feelings.”

“at the end of the day yall have always done wrong by Traci u feeling a way cause she decided to do the show without y’all it’s just a sign that she BEEN FEDDDTTT UP and we ALL happy for Traci @tamarbraxton.”

“While they say they love Traci they always seem to treat her so poorly. I hate to see sisters behaving this way. And the statement that Traci decided to get pregnant. Man people make mistakes but you are supposed to be there for your sister. I can’t respect how they treat her.”




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