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‘Girl STFU’: Jennifer Williams Claps Back at ‘Basketball Wives’ Fan Over Theory About Malaysia Rumor

Fallout over a rumor Jackie Christie had a hand in spreading about what Jennifer Williams supposedly said about Malaysia Pargo has spilled out online.

The last two episodes of VH1’s “Basketball Wives” focused on Pargo trying to get to the bottom of what Christie supposedly heard from a fan from Atlanta. He claimed that Williams told pal Dominique Lenard that Pargo was broke and got the boot from her home in Los Angeles, where she supposedly could not afford to reside.

The allegation led Pargo to confront Williams, Lenard, and finally Christie, who insisted, “they’re lying.” Things got heated between the women and they nearly came to blows. Newbie Feby Torres even jumped in, apparently feeling irritated about Christie telling Tami Roman she wrote a rap about her.

With the brouhaha brewing, fans began weighing in on who’s to blame online.

“Jackie sure did twisted some words. They need to do a play back at the reunion.”

“That so sad maylasia bring her cuz that is not right all need set down and talk to Shaunie what can Jackie can do if it was me I go right to the cop and Jackie real don’t need this job to like Tami doing live this job time move on watch Evelyn will get her what go around come right back to u that is on the real”

“She will believe the same girl who she threw a table at over a girl been her friend for how many seasons? Now I love Jen, but make this makes sense.”

“@jenniferwiliams and Dominique are lying. She lies for two seasons that she didn’t speak on @evelynlozada daughter and @jenniferwilliams lied about Evelyn sleeping with Shaq. So are we really surprised that both Jen and Dominiwue are lying about this. I believe Jen and Dominique went to Atlanta for whatever reason, started talking s–t about the whole Shaq and Evelyn situation and Jen was mad that Malaysia was throwing tables at her so she started talking s–t about Malaysia. Using common sense would tell you that. Jens a liar not to be trusted. Y’all keeping snakes in y’all grass.”

The last lengthy comment spurred a response from Williams herself, who effectively told the user to shut her piehole.

“@rosebudd_664 girl STFU! You see 44 minutes of an edited and produced show and think you know everything! Miss me with this long ass paragraph and the BS! You are too invested in someone else’s s–t. Focus on your money ✌🏽” Williams replied.

Fans who caught the exchange took sides thereafter.

“The girl stated facts tho and Jennifer sure ain’t deny the comment tho I see.”

“Jen lied.. she swore up and down the corner that she never talked about Ev’s daughter but then admitted it… 😐”

“I think that person is right and I don’t trust Jennifer as far as I could see her.”

“Jennifer is TRIGGERED!!! 😂🤣😂🤣”

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