Malaysia Pargo Gets Fed Up with Jennifer Williams’ Lies, Takes ‘Penitentiary Chances’ and Throws Table Her Way

Malaysia Pargo’s explosive confrontation with Jennifer Williams finally aired on the “Basketball Wives” season finale Sunday night and fans have discovered what led to the incident.

During the Sept. 9 episode, Pargo became clearly fed up with Williams denying she ever disparaged her friend Evelyn Lozada’s daughter Shaniece. The star refused to own up to saying the teen gets around.

“You’ve been lying from day one,” Pargo says to the unwelcome Amsterdam visitor. “Since I’m f—ing talking I might as well say it all. You’re a f—ing hater, b—!”

Williams took issue with Pargo calling her out of her name and soon the fellow Pargo was racing toward a table and hurled it at Williams.

“I’ll take the penitentiary chances, b—-!” Pargo shouts after the table manages to miss her target. “I sure will! I’ll take the penitentiary chances!”

Fans watching along ate up the moment that the piece of restaurant furniture went flying.

“Malaysia threw that table like she was tossing a paper plate 😂 Jen don’t talk about chicks from Compton knowing you don’t want no 💨.. Malaysia look like she’ll hit u w/a ⬇️⬇️➡️⬆️⬅️➡️ A+B mortal kombat combo 😂😂 #BasketballWives.”

“I really hope this table connects. I’ll donate money to Malaysia if she gets sued. #BasketballWives.”

“When Malaysia grabbed that table Evelyn didn’t flinch to help Jen #BasketballWives.”

“OMG. Did Malaysia just throw a table at Jen #BasketballWives.”

Others soaked up Pargo’s willingness to go to jail after being so fed up with her castmate.

“Malaysia said, ‘I’ll take those penitentiary chances b—-.’ I screamed!! 😩😂 let me write that down and save it for later 😂 #BasketballWives.”

“Yo Malaysia said ‘i will take that penitentiary chance b—-‘ lmao she is nuffin to play with #BasketballWives.”

“‘I’ll take them penitentiary chances b****’ #BasketballWives #BasketballWivesLA #BBWLA yessss Malaysia 😂”

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