‘She’s Not My Cup of Tea’: Jennifer Williams Opens Up About Filming with ‘Basketball Wives’ Newcomer Brittany Renner, Says She’s ‘Embarrassed’ for the Influencer

“Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams didn’t hold back her strong opinion about one of the show’s newest cast members, Brittany Renner, in a recent interview.

The 49-year-old, who recently announced her engagement to her 30-year-old beau Christian Gold, was a special guest on the “Way Up with Angela Yee” radio show. Midway through the interview, Williams was asked to share her thoughts about Renner joining the large ensemble of women. 

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Jennifer Williams calls Brittany Renner 'misguided' in new interview.
Jennifer Williams (left) calls Brittany Renner (right) “misguided” in a new interview. (Photo: @jenniferwilliams/Instagram, @bundleofbrittany/Instagram)

The well-known influencer, 31, rose to fame for creating and sharing fitness content on her YouTube channel. While Renner’s 2013 workout video titled “Brittany Renner Track Circuit” helped catapult her career, her growing “side chick” reputation for being linked to many NBA and NFL players ultimately gave her a firm foundation in the industry. 

“I didn’t film too much with Brittany. I filmed with her in group settings,” Williams said at mark 50:24. She continued, “I had no one-on-one with her, and I didn’t … like I said, I didn’t film a lot with her.” 

Noting that she’s “heard things here and there,” Williams claimed she had not been too familiar with Renner’s story. 

“At first I was just like, ‘Mmmm, no, she’s not my cup of tea,’ and then when I kind of got to know her story a little bit I was like, ‘OK, maybe she’s just misguided,’” Williams added. 

The reality star confirmed that while she initially began by being open to Renner, the socialite’s recent confessions in interviews quickly turned her off.

Williams admitted, “Now, I hear the interviews and I’m just like I don’t know what to think, but I’m actually a little embarrassed.” 

She credited Renner for owning her “stuff,” but suggested that some personal matters shouldn’t be shared with the world. 

“Why do you go on this podcast and talk about you slept with three men in one day and got a yeast infection?” Williams said. “That’s just, you should kind of take some things to the grave.”

The confession Williams is referring to happened on Shannon Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay” podcast in late September, where Renner also revealed that she has slept with 35 men

“It was … keep that close to the chest,” Williams added. 

In addition to Renner’s controversial interview last month, she also opened up about her experience on the set of “BBW” with the OG veterans and newbies while talking to Jason Lee for the live taping of “The Jason Lee Show” at REVOLT WORLD. 

The mother of one described the women on the reality show as “a bunch of Regina Georges,” which is a nod to the iconic Queen Bee character from the popular 2004 film, “Mean Girls.” Toward the end of the teen comedy, Regina is hit by a school bus. 

“And then here I am, Maleficent. B—h, I will blow the doors off the b—h. What are we talking about? Y’all playing around. You guys want to be Regina George; baby, I’m the bus driver,” Renner stated. 

It seems that another one of her cast mates is having mixed feelings about her addition to show. “I was genuinely excited about Brittany coming to the show!” Evelyn Lozada tweeted after the season premiere.

The first episode of “BBW” season 11 aired on Monday, Oct. 9, with returning OGs Williams, Lozada, Jackie Christie, and Brooke Bailey. The first episode also introduced Renner and other newcomers Vanessa Rider, Jac’Eil Duckworth, and Clayanna Warthen.

In the trailer for what’s to come in the season, Renner can be seen getting into a spat with Bailey and throwing a drink at the former video vixen.

Fans can watch the juicy season of “BBW” on VH1 on Monday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern Time.

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