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‘Kiss My Ass’: Jennifer Williams Apparently Has A Message For Evelyn Lozada As Their Drama Heats Up on Screen

It appears Jennifer Williams has a few choice words for those who have an issue with her — and they could be directed at frienemy Evelyn Lozada.

The longtime star of VH1’s “Basketball Wives” posted a rather clear-cut message to her Instagram Story Thursday answering a question many have been asked throughout time.

“‘How do you sleep at night knowing people don’t like you?'” the first half of the post read.

“With no underwear in case they want to kiss my ass,” read the response.

Williams emphasized the remark with several “☝🏽” emoji.

The post drew tons of responses from fans who referenced the issues between Williams and Lozada.

“Jennifer isnt perfect and last season no one liked her ass! But what we all don’t like is bullying… And that’s what @evelynlozada is going if you don’t f–k with her… Then don’t f–k with her.. Leave the damn girl alone!”

“I’m trying to figure out how Evelyn so upset at Jen when Jackie called her child a whore to her face and she back cool with her 🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️”

“For some reason I think Jennifer aka no receipts what she said about evelyn is lil truth to it.”

During a crystal party, Lozada confronted her former friend over her attitude in the years since the Classy Girl Wardrobe founder’s mother died.

“You keep saying that the reason you act like this is because of your mom,” Lozada told Williams. “Honestly, Jennifer, this is disrespectful to your mother.”

After Williams shoots back by asking if Lozada’s mother has died, the latter shouted, “Your mother passes away and you become an a–hole?”

Lozada is also still fuming over Williams’ claim last season that the “Livin’ Lozada” star’s daughter, Shaunice, was a latchkey kid.

Yet the drama doesn’t stop there. After Lozada stormed out of the crystal party, Shaunie O’Neal put her own issues with Williams aside and gave her a hug. It was that intimate moment that led Williams to send her a letter apologizing for her transgressions. They included crashing a party for O’Neal’s son and doing the same on a trip to Amsterdam last season after she spread a rumor that Lozada slept with O’Neal’s ex.

When word got back to Lozada about the “I’m sorry” memo, however, she was displeased.

“Did I get a mother f–king letter?” she said in a confessional scene. “Did my daughter get a letter? The people that you have been lying about? No. So, I think her letter is full of f–king s–t.”

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