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‘You Made a Drastic Mistake!’: Jackie Christie Pops Off on Malaysia Pargo In Epic ‘Basketball Wives’ Blowout

Jackie Christie had been staying out of trouble on “Basketball Wives,” but all that changed when Malaysia Pargo confronted her about a rumor she had a hand in spreading.

Christie divulged to cast mates, including Evelyn Lozada, that a source told her Jennifer Williams had been talking smack about Pargo and her family. The rumor is that Williams told her friend Dominique Lenard that Pargo got kicked out of her house and cannot afford to live in Los Angeles. The source, who appears to be a big fan of “Basketball Wives,” also said the star is broke and is a bad mother.

Naturally, the gossip got brought up during Kristen Scott’s get-together at a skating rink ’90s costume party. When Pargo confronted Christie about what she knows after first questioning Williams and Lenard (who denied sharing anything), Christie deflected.

“They’re crazy and I have to use the restroom,” Christie told her friend.

“This is not a f–king joking matter,” Pargo repeatedly tells Christie, who continues to try to go relieve herself.

The pair then step into each other’s personal spaces, cursing each other out.

“You made a motherf–king drastic mistake!” Christie shouts, inches from Pargo’s face. “I told you they’re lying! They’re f–king lying!”

The friends get pulled apart, but that doesn’t end the conflict. Christie soon races back toward Pargo, grabbing a chair on her way to fight her pal.

As the episode aired, Pargo stayed quiet as she celebrated her birthday in Bali, while Christie live-tweeted. At the end of the show, Christie said, “❤️Wow that was a lot #godisgood so glad you guys tuned in.. headed to set on New project! 🔥📺 #staytuned.”

Meanwhile, fans have been sounding off online.

“Don’t try old school Jackie.. she wasn’t backing down 😭😭😭”

“Jackie like a auntie that’s always drunk ready to fight at the family reunions 😭”

“Jackie is no punk. Malaysia really working for that cheque hunty.”

“Malaysia was def hot, however, when she got in Jackie face I noticed Jackie was making her back up🙇🏿‍♂️🙇🏿‍♂️💁🏿‍♂️…”

“Malaysia look real stupid. Girl do the math before you go at your friend like that.”

“Jackie was only wrong in not telling Malaysia first. The rest is a reach 🙄”

Other fans speculated that Lozada was to blame for Pargo’s and Christie’s friendship being threatened.

“Evelyn destroyed your friendship with Malaysia.”

“Evelyn is so evil; I think she purposely tried to turn @MalaysiaPargo against you; she is the one that nobody should trust, she is a dirty, manipulative, gossipping snake!! I really hope you and Malaysia can work things out. #Basketballwives.”

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