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Evelyn Lozada Vehemently Denies Sleeping with Shaunie O’neal’s Ex But Fans Don’t Believe Her

A rumor Tami Roman hinted at during “Basketball Wives” came to a head when Jennifer Williams was forced to confront Shaunie O’Neal about a secret on last night’s episode.

While shopping with O’Neal, Roman, who has been working on her anger by sitting down with Pastor John Gray, said she was assigned to find something nice to say to everyone. That led her to decide to get all the baller wives together at a retreat to share positive thoughts about one another.

As for what may be spilled about O’Neal, Roman said she’s been holding on to a rumor from a year ago that “affects her ex … and dynamics within the group.”

“I heard this thing … it’s information that I … would have never ever said anywhere because I feel like it would hurt the people involved,” Roman says. “You’re name wasn’t specifically said, but I feel like what was said might affect you.”

Roman said she wants the person who said it to own up to O’Neal personally about it.

Cut to the retreat and that person is Jennifer Williams who winds up confessing that she heard Evelyn Lozada was sleeping with O’Neal’s ex, which website Monsters & Critics alleges is actor Marlon Yates, not retired NBA star Shaquille O’Neal.

The exact name is censored out of the episode but the revelation left O’Neal speechless and Lozada on the defensive.

“I would never do that s— to you,” she says after Roman and Williams go back and forth over who brought up the rumor to whom last year.

O’Neal remained confused over who to trust as the show aired, tweeting, “Damn who is my friend? #Basketballwives.”

Meanwhile, Lozada, who assured O’Neal “I’m your friend until the wheels fall off!!!!!!!!!,” unleashed in a series of tweets blasting Roman and Williams.

Williams also chimed in, saying she should never have involved herself in the rumors to begin with.

While Roman hasn’t spoken out about the episode, several fans made their thoughts known.

“Tami might be messy for spilling the tea but the way Jen took that hard gulp, that s— is true. Jen the type of friend you stay away from because as soon as she gets mad tells all your business. #BasketballWives.”

“Why are we acting like Evelyn isn’t a hoe? Why are we forgetting that Shaunie knew Evelyn slept with Tammi’s husband but never told Tammi? Why are we acting like Evelyn and Jen didn’t just start a rumor about Cece but now discussing rumors is a problem? #BasketballWives”

“A honest person don’t give that much energy into rumors! If it wasn’t true you wouldn’t be crying @EvelynLozada or still trying to defend it…You did it.”

“Jennifer is making sure she keep this BBW check. She NEVER talked this much s— in Miami. #BasketballWives.”

“To be fair this is like when Shaunie knew about Evelyn sleeping with Tami’s ex so oh well. #BasketballWives.”

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