‘Chill on the Age Jokes’: Keyshia Cole Fans Defend Her Relationship with Niko Hale After Critics Make ‘Young Rapper’ Remarks

Despite Keyshia Cole finding love with boyfriend Niko “Khale” Hale, a few fans have made it clear they don’t support the pair’s relationship due to their age gap.

The “Let It Go” singer, 37, and Hale, 23, are reportedly expecting their first child together, a bundle of joy due to arrive sometime this week. Although it’s clearly one of the pair’s happiest moments in life, it’s clear some of their fans don’t share the same excitement.

Cole took to Instagram Wednesday afternoon and posted a family portrait of herself and her baby bump, 10-year-old son Daniel Gibson Jr. — whom she shares with her estranged husband, former NBA player Daniel Gibson, — and Hale. The expectant mother announced that by sometime on Thursday, August 1, her unborn son will arrive.

“TOMORROW IS THE DAY🔱 OMG 😩🦋 We Will 🔜 have ONE more to add to the BIG PICTURE🙏🏽FAMILY FIRST💪🏽,” the second time mother wrote. “I’m nervous, But I’m ready!!!! It’s like CHRISTMAS, 🎁getting one of the GREATEST GIFTS OF ALL time! And I’m happy you’ll all get to see 🔱🦋SOOOOOOOON!!!!”

Her post instantly received a wave of backlash.

“Her baby daddy look like her nephew smh but go awff sis 🤷🏽‍♀️.”

“Looks like she’s almost a mother of 3😳 they both could be her kids 😩 but lovely family none the less.”

“IDC that boyfriend look twelve this photo is a mom and her son’s 🤷🏽‍♀️.”

Supporters of Cole instantly jumped to her defense and slapped down naysayers.

“Chill with the age jokes! y’all got some nerve cracking jokes on her relationship when y’all mans out her cheating smh. Beautiful family 😍.”

” I wish you a safe delivery @keyshiacole love you sis ❤️ n for those judging her are miserable af. They’re both adults!”

Keyshia Cole
Niko Hale, Keyshia Cole and Frankie Lons (Far right) @keyshiacole/Instagram

Early last year, Cole first addressed social media users who clearly had a problem with her and Hale’s age difference in their relationgship, blasting fans for being judgmental.

“Now the reason I’m posting The pepper to my salt @nikokhale is because he’s been such a sweetheart to me, and I kno people have been very judgmental about our relationship but I gotta nurture what nurtures me,” Cole wrote in a now-deleted post last March, defending her relationship.

Despite how anyone may feel, the couple are still going strong and clearly are excited about meeting their baby boy. They celebrated their baby shower over the weekend and the R&B artist claimed she was more than ready to meet her “munchkin.”

Viewers will get a chance to follow the celeb’s pregnancy journey on her new untitled reality series coming soon to BET. The premiere date has yet to be announced.

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