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‘U Got Married?’: Keyshia Cole Fans Concerned After Boyfriend Posts Picture Wearing Ring

Social media users spotted Keyshia Cole‘s boyfriend Niko Khale wearing a ring on his marriage finger and began speculating that he was married.

Khale took to Instagram on Wednesday and shared a photo of himself posing outside of his home in the snow. The aspiring rapper flaunted his all-white button-down shirt and jeans with a pair of matching white Timberland boots. He captioned the holiday photo “Merry Christmas 🎄.”

Keyshia Cole

photo credit @nikokhale

Fans precisely zoomed in on Khale’s hands and noticed a ring on his left-hand ring finger.

“@nikokhale u got married 😍😍.”

“Merry Christmas….I see the ring.”

“Hmmm🤴🏾 and 👸🏽 👏🏽.”

“Yeah I see a ring.”

” I noticed the ring too 👀.”

The “I Changed My Mind” singer and Khale, 23, have been dating for a few months now and publicly announced their relationship earlier this year. However, a few fans of Cole’s, 37, don’t necessarily approve of the pair’s relationship due to their age differences. 

“Girl I got one question… what do you want with a 23 y.o. man sis? Please!! I’m just curious?”

“I’m curious too honestly! A supposed  to be grown man hurt so she had to get a step son… my mind is boggled!”

“She got herself two little boys poor thing she was that thirsty.”

Cole addressed critics in the past who’ve condemned she and Khale’s relationship.

“I kno people have been very judgmental about our relationship but I gotta nurture what nurtures me,” she wrote in a March Instagram post.

Several fans agreed with Cole’s quest to find happiness with Khale and sent warm wishes the couple’s way.

“I’m Sooo Happy Your Happy Lov ❤. They are both legal, consenting, ADULTS, why does age keep conming up?—happy is happy and love Is Love.”

“Such a beautiful woman both inside and out. You deserve nothing but pure blessings for life😍❤️❤️.”

“Keyshia deserves to be extremely happy and those who say different are lying!”

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