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Fans Continue to Trash Keyshia Cole for Dating a Younger Man: ‘She That Thirsty’

Social media won’t let up on the fact that singer Keyshia Cole is dating a younger man.

Cole, 37, and her boo Niko Khale, 23, have been dating for months now and appear to be in love. Fans, on the other hand, have not been the most supportive of the singer’s new relationship with the aspiring rapper.

The “Trust and Believe” singer shared a photo of herself sitting outside of her home in her pajamas. The picture of Cole smiling from ear to ear was taken by her love Khale. She wrote in the Instagram caption, “Love is in the air- 📸 Credit – @nikokhale.”

Keyshia Cole: Credit Instagram

Khale commented underneath Cole’s photo, “You’re everything.”

However, some fans still condemned the singer for her relationship with the 23-year-old musician.

“Girl I got one quesion… what do you want with a 23 y.o. man sis? Please!! I’m just curious?”

“I’m curious too honestly! A supposed  to be grown man hurt so she had to get a step son… my mind is boggled!”

“She got herself two little boys poor thing she was that thirsty.”

Other folks congratulated Cole on finding happiness with Khale.

“You look so happy and you are beautiful. Keyshiacole live your life, why the hell people concern about your men age…Natural pb❤️.”

“Glowing pretty smile beautiful keep moving forward much love.”

“I’m Sooo Happy Your Happy Lov ❤. They are both legal, consenting, ADULTS, why does age keep conming up?—happy is happy and love Is Love.”

“Such a beautiful woman both inside and out. You deserve nothing but pure blessings for life😍❤️❤️.”

The 37-year-old artist has addressed naysayers in the past who denounced she and Khale’s relationship after they publicly announced they were dating earlier this year.

“I kno people have been very judgmental about our relationship but I gotta nurture what nurtures me,” she wrote in a March Instagram post.

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