‘Let Them Live!’: Folks Race to Rasheeda and Kirk’s Frost Defense After They Post Photo Together

It seems a few fans are backing Rasheeda Frost‘s decision to stay with her husband Kirk Frost.

It’s no secret the “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” couple have experienced a great deal of relationship woes including the D-Lo manager’s infidelity with former adult dancer Jasmine Washington. The pair eventually rekindled their marriage, which triggered a wave of negative reactions from fans that clearly continues to linger on social media.

Thursday morning, Rasheeda posted a photo of herself and Kirk at a venue for their new restaurant. The pair playfully posed for a picture together, and the “Boss Chick” wrote in her caption, “♊️♒️ that’s us 😜😜 @frost117.”

Rasheeda Frost
Rasheeda and Kirk Frost. @rasheeda/Instagram

She instantly received flak on her post.

“This photo would have been better without Kirk 😒.”

“Ya’ll need to be business partners ONLY 🤷.”

“Am I the only who thinks she’s dumb for staying with him?”

However, other fans swooped to the couple’s defense, supporting their relationship.

“Damn will ya’ll let them live!!! 🙄 They’re clearly happy with each other n ya’ll miserable af. She forgave him move on!”

“I’m sick of people judging this married man and woman who show us what REAL marriages go through sometimes, I was quick to judge their situation too , but then forgivness! I’m happy for them!”

Rasheeda Frost
Rasheeda and Kirk Frost at Josephine Lounge on May 30, 2016, in Atlanta. (Photo: Prince Williams / WireImage)

Last season, No. 7, the couple ended on a high note once Rasheeda decided to give their marriage “another shot” despite Kirk lying about his love child with Washington. The D-Lo record label manager had an affair with the 28-year-old during season 6 and lied to Rasheeda about the mistress’s pregnancy. However, the Pressed owner eventually found out about her husband’s public affair and separated from him for a few months.

Many folks wondered why she stuck out their marriage until they found out Rasheeda also cheated on her husband earlier on in their relationship.

“Nobody is perfect and relationships have issues,” she told her “LHHATL” cast mates during season 8. “I haven’t always been perfect in my marriage. We’ve had dishonesties on both sides of this marriage. We’ve had infidelities on both sides.”

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