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Fans Slam ‘LHHATL’ Rasheeda Frost’s Decision to Give Her Marriage Yet ‘Another’ Chance

Rasheeda Frost

(photo via Instagram)

“Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star Rasheeda Frost’s marriage with her husband Kirk Frost has been tested plenty of times over the course of years due to his infidelity. However, the boss chick isn’t quite ready to throw in the towel.

On Monday’s finale of “LHHATL” Rasheeda and her friends were attending the premier of Spice and Tommie’s new music video “Imma Get It” when Kirk joined the group. Erica Dixon and Spice blasted the “DLo” manager for cheating multiple times on their friend and having a love child with a former stripper.

Kirk admitted to making a “mistake” although he’s cheated on his wife multiple times on the reality show.

Nevertheless, during Rasheeda’s confessional, she admitted that “marriage ain’t easy” and she’s made the best decision “that’s right” for her.

“My husband isn’t perfect, but none of us are… People have all kinds of opinions on how I should handle things and what Rasheeda should of done,” the “Georgia Peach” artist said. “My husband and I share kids, we share businesses and a lifetime of memories… I think out marriage is worth another shot.”

Fans immediately began blasting Rasheeda on social media for staying with Kirk and giving their relationship another chance despite his past infidelities.

One fan wrote, “At the end of every season Rasheeda always gives Kirk another chance. Just throw it away 😒🙄.”

Another viewer said, “Rasheeda, Kirk could have a whole village of kids on you and you’d still say y’all marriage is worth another Shot, girl bye!”

One person commented, “[Rasheeda] how dare you. I LOOKED UP TO YOU!! And you took that bald lying sneaky slithering SNAKE back. And you call yourself a role model? Im good luv, enjoy👋🏾.”

Viewers first witnessed Kirk having an affair during Season 2 of “LHHATL” when he had a threesome with two random women while his wife was pregnant, and accused the “boss chick” of sleeping around. The second incident happened when he slept with former exotic dancer Jasmine Washington a few seasons ago and impregnated her.

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