LHHATL Kirk Frost Meets His Love Child for the First Time and Fans Aren’t Buying It


Fans hearts melted during episode 15 on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” when Kirk Frost allegedly came face-to-face, for the first time, with his love child with former exotic dancer Jasmine Washington.

In the clip from Monday evening’s airing, Frost and his daughter Kelsie Frost met up at a park and she explained to her father that she met with Washington and 2-year-old Kannon. Kelsie also confronted Kirk about “moving too slow” in being active in the 2-year-old’s life. Kirk explained that he was “taking his time” and wasn’t trying to “rush nothing.”

“I understand, but time waits for nobody,” Kelsie explained. “At the end of the day you don’t know what could happen today or tomorrow and he’s growing every day… So if you are gonna be in his life, don’t half-ass it.”

To Kirk’s unexpected surprise, his daughter arranged for Washington and Kannon to meet them on the playground. Kirk explained in his confessional that he hasn’t seen his son “in a little while.”

“I didn’t know if I was ready to take this step, but Kelsie didn’t give me much choice, “the reality star said. “Here I am and there’s my son.”

When the 2-year-old turned around and saw his father’s face, he instantly lit up and ran straight to Kirk.

“Kannon is the cuttest child on the show 😂😂,” one viewer wrote.

“That child is too cute the way his face lit up and his little run 😭😭😭,” another viewer said.

Although fans gushed at how adorable Kannon is, they also questioned on whether or not this is Kirk’s first time actually meeting the child. Many fans believed the scene was staged after the toddler ran straight to the married reality star.

One person wrote, “That ain no damn FINALLY. That baby’s face lit up when he saw that ninja. All that playing for a damn storyline. Foh.”

Another fan said, “Children don’t run to strangers the way he’s running to him he knows him 🙄.”

Kirk admitted in his confessional that he planned on building a better relationship with his son and introducing the 2-year-old to his family.

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