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Fans Trash Rasheeda Frost for Blaming Jasmine for Kirk’s Love Child, ‘Should’ve Kept Them Legs Closed’

Monday night’s “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” brewed an intense confrontation between Rasheeda Frost, Kirk Frost and Jasmine Washington.

Washington who had an affair with the “Boss Chick”‘s husband, said her motives for approaching Rasheeda were completely sincere. The former exotic dancer said she wanted to apologize for getting involved with Kirk, but Rasheeda cut her off mid-sentence.

“If you were so sincere then you would of came to me from the beginning… You came to me on television,” the “Pressed” owner expressed.

The conversation really got heated when Washington told Rasheeda that her husband of 19 years lied about his two-year-old son with the former stripper.

The mother of two accused the 28-year-old of trying to “play victim” and that she should of “kept them legs closed and there wouldn’t even be a child.”

Followers blasted Rasheeda for pinning Kirk’s infidelity and love child on Jasmine and said she’s “taking her anger out on Jasmine when she’s really upset with Kirk.”

One person wrote, “Rasheeda should be mad at him because he got no respect for the marriage because he been cheating and you keep forgive me now he thinks it’s ok because you’ll get me for a couple hours and back to him doesn’t mean y’all been for together for 20 years to take that from him.”

Another viewer said, “Rasheeda must stop 🛑 blaming Jasmine and put the blame where it should go Kirk Frost!!!! I’m glad Rasheeda has excepted the baby now live with it and stop popping off on Jasmine.”

One fan commented, “She is doing what most women do with low self-esteem, she is attacking the woman. What does she not understand, Kirk owed it to Rasheeda to be loyal, not Jaz. Kirk violated their marriage and trust, not Jaz. Kirk and Jaz were wrong but Kirk is forgiven. Jaz has been honest.”

Rasheeda separated from Kirk in 2017 after finding out about his affair with the former stripper and their son. However, during “LHHATL” season finale she revealed that she decided to give their marriage another chance.

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