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‘Oh Now You’re Sorry’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Call Ceaser ‘Insincere’ After He Admits He Was Wrong for Jumping Alex

Black Ink Crew” boss Ceaser Emanuel finally confessed he was in the wrong for physically assaulting former employee Alex Robinson, but viewers aren’t buying it.

After vowing to never apologize to Robinson and accusing the tattoo artist and his girlfriend Donna Lombardi of trying to scam him, Emanuel finally acknowledged his role in Robinson’s ‘undeserved’ downfall.

Robinson suffered what he has characterized as a major back injury after getting jumped by Emanuel and his cousin Teddy Ruks last season, leaving him unable to work and financially provide for himself, his son and his girlfriend Lombardi.

Ceaser Emanuel
Alex Robinson (left) and Ceaser Emanuel. (Photo: @VH1 screenscrab)

To make matters worse, doctors told Robinson his tattoo career was completely over due to his bad back. Lombardi then urged her boyfriend to file a lawsuit against Emanuel for his physical, emotional and financial damages. He was slightly hesitant about getting the courts involved, but eventually decided to go through with the lawsuit.

During the April 3 episode, when Emanuel met with Lombardi face-to-face for the first time since firing her and Robinson from “Black Ink” last season, he accused her and Robinson of lying about the artist’s back injuries.

“What ya’ll shooting for a Disney story or something? We both know this some bulls–t.” Emanuel said to Lombardi. “F–k all this scamming s–t, y’all is not going to get a single dime out of me.”

Fast forward to the April 10 episode, and Emanuel hired a private investigator to see if Robinson was faking his injuries. However, after following Robinson seemingly for weeks, the P.I. told Emanuel that the tattoo artist was seriously injured and wasn’t perpetrating a fraud.

The shop owner, who appeared stressed out, told his good friend and employee Sky Days that he felt “horrible” for contributing to Robinson’s back injuries and regrets assaulting him last season.

“I really f–ked up sis,” he told Days. “[The P.I.] basically told me Alex ain’t even faking it [back injury]. Like this mutherf–ker is really hurt. We basically f–ked his back up. I feel really bad.”

He continued, “He can’t pick his son up, he can’t tattoo, must mean he can’t bend his back. … This some horrible s–t that I did. I really liked that kid I didn’t want him hurt. I can’t believe it that I was this f–king wrong.”

Emanuel said in his confessional that he felt “ashamed” for what he’d done to Alex.

However, “Black Ink” viewers blasted the shop owner for his apparent crocodile tears and claimed the only reason he feels bad is because it seems he’s going to have to pay Robinson in his lawsuit.

“U don’t feel bad Ceaser! You just don’t wanna cough up that money to Alex
🙄! Ha!”

“Oh now you’re sorry? Please! Ceaser milk dud head is so insecere he doesn’t wanna pay that lawsuit.”

“You only regret it because now you see he isn’t lying and he’s really hurt and more [than] likely u about to come outta your pocket bruh.”

“Cry me a mf river 🙄 You and Teddy need to go down for this.”

“The only reason why he owning up because people bashing him all over social media and bc he getting sued for everything he has💯 !!!!”

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