‘Change of Behavior is the Best Apology’: Former ‘Black Ink Crew’: Star Richard Duncan Shares Bipolar Diagnosis Amid DUI Charges Stemming from July, Fans Send Words of Encouragement

Fans on social media are sending words of encouragement this week to Richard Duncan, better known as Oh S–t from VH1’s successful unscripted series “Black Ink Crew: New York,” after the former reality star was reportedly arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and cocaine. 

According to an incident report obtained by TMZ, the incident occurred last July after authorities in Georgia revealed they stopped the television personality for speeding. When they approached Duncan, police said he smelled of alcohol and they proceeded to administer a field sobriety test. They also searched his vehicle and discovered “a bag of cocaine in the center cup holder.”

Duncan ultimately confessed and “was charged with speeding, DUI, driving with an open container of alcohol and possession of a controlled substance.” The star since has pleaded not guilty. 

Over the weekend, the reality star took to his Instagram page, where he opened up about the incident, his sobriety journey and his recent bipolar diagnosis, citing the disease as the cause behind his concerning behavior. 

“I’ve been having a hard time,” he wrote in his lengthy caption. “I was diagnosed as bipolar about 2 years ago and it’s been a hard as– journey navigating the ups and downs of this disease, my sobriety journey, being a new business owner- and just LIFE.”

He continued, “Like most people who suffer from bipolar disorder, there are times u go through manic episodes, depressed episodes and sadly become inconsistent with my meds and self/care. When I’m in a bad place, I don’t always make the best choices and consequently I’ve hurt and let down a lot of people I love in the process. That s–t eats me up and I hate it.”

He addressed the July incident by stating, “Last month I did something really stupid during a manic episode and consequently, got a DUI. I do not condone drinking and driving, drug use or acting out-mental illness or not. I did something that was so dumb, pointless and honestly embarrassing.”

The tattoo artist apologized to “everyone I let down” before sharing, “I am looking forward to active recovery, sobriety and a fresh start.”

Fans familiar with “Black Ink Crew” have witnessed Duncan’s difficult struggle with his substance abuse play out for several seasons. Folks flooded his comments section with their own stories of dealing with substance abuse, showing that he was not alone in his battle. That includes one person who wrote, “Change of behavior is the best apology.” 

That person added, “We are looking forward to the change bro lee [sic] going. Life is hard and as a man we carry so much so one action don’t justify who you really are. Move forward and that will allow everyone else to.”

Another person commented, “Stay positive you got this !!!!! Thank you for sharing your experience.” A third added, “Don’t be too hard on yourself. I’m sorry about your diagnosis, but please take comfort in the knowing.”

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