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Black Ink Crew Viewers Divided Over Donna Inserting Herself in Boyfriend Alex’s Feud with Ceaser: ‘She’s Just Making it Worse’

Wednesday night’s episode of “Black Ink Crew” ended on a rocky note after Ceaser Emanuel and his former employee Donna Lombardi went tit for tat in a verbal sparring match.

For those uninformed, Lombardi is the girlfriend of Alex Robinson, also a former worker at “Black Ink,” who was jumped by Emanuel and his cousin Teddy Ruks last season. Since the physical altercation, Robinson’s life apparently has changed for the worse with a diagnosis of severe tissue damage in his back that has ended his career as a tattoo artist. The incident took a physical and emotional toll on Robinson, and now his girlfriend Lombardi seems to be out for revenge.

It’s unclear if Lombardi is still bothered by Emanuel firing her and Robinson from his shop, but she’s definitely making it her mission to take down the “Black Ink” owner for what he and Ruks did to her boyfriend.

Ceaser Emanuel

Ceaser Emanuel and Donna Lombardi. (Photos: @Vh1, @blackinkcrew screenshot)

In the March 27 episode, Lombardi and Robinson met with an attorney to seek legal actions against Emanuel for physically assaulting the father of one. Lombardi, the person who suggested her boyfriend file suit against Emanuel, felt the “Black Ink” boss was unapologetic for ostensibly injuring Robinson, saying her beau needs “damages.”

Well, according to last night’s episode, Robinson apparently went through with his case against Emanuel who was served the lawsuit documents. Emanuel, who was clearly upset, scheduled a face-to-face meeting with Robinson to talk about the lawsuit, but instead was greeted by Lombardi. He accused her and Robinson of trying to “scam” him out of money.

“What ya’ll shooting for a Disney story or something? We both know this some bulls–t.” Emanuel said to Lombardi. “F–k all this scamming s–t, y’all is not going to get a single dime out of me.”

Lombardi shot back, “You don’t care about anything but your shops, might as well sue yo’ a–. Good luck with holding onto your six shops after this lawsuit is done.

“Black Ink” viewers slammed Lombardi for seemingly overstepping her boundaries in Robinson and Emanuel’s beef.

“I don’t like @donnadadondada she’s mad disrespectful she only want Alex’s money!”

“She should of stay away from the shop cuz it could affect the case even more she’s just making it worse like she did in the fight smh 🙄 .”

“I’m stuck like how is Donna is deciding who Alex can talk to when the fight was her fault because she put her hands on him which led to Alex getting hurt by Caesar and Teddy.”

“I hope Alex dump her hoe ass after he cash out! She want the money! Broke ass! Look bad all the time 🤷🏽‍!”

Other social media users slammed Emanuel for accusing the couple of trying to scam him.

“It was on TV your done just give that man his money Ceaser the douchebag!”

“Ceaser is asshole! S–t gonna hit harder when Alex win the lawsuit, it’s all recorded on candy camera 😂.”

“When he got quiet, Ceaser know what he did was wrong for saying they scamming him. But because he is a “King”😒 he want to not drop that dumb ass ego.”

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