‘Black Ink Crew’ Viewers Blame Donna Lombardi for Her Boyfriend Alex’s Injuries Following His Hospitalization

Black Ink Crew” New York viewers sympathize with Alex Robinson after learning that he suffered a back injury following his physical altercation with his cast mates last season. However, folks feel his girlfriend Donna Lombardi is the cause of his troubles and want him to give her the boot.

A fight broke out last season between Robinson, Ceaser Emanuel and Teddy Ruks that seemingly led to the artist’s severe tissue damage in his back. However, the cast mates’ explosive altercation stemmed from Lombardi’s beef with Emanuel.

Donna Lombardi

Alex Robinson and Donna Lombardi. (Photo: @thevaginaslayer/Instagram)

Rewind to season 6, the beginning of Lombardi and Emanuel feud. Emanuel, who’s the shop owner of “Black Ink,” fired Lombardi after she went off on him for hiring Ruks’ girlfriend and Lombardi’s sworn enemy Tatianna as the company’s new VP. Emanuel and the artist got into a fiery verbal altercation, prompting Lombardi to mush his forehead.

Emanuel and Lombardi eventually came face-to-face again at Young Bae’s wedding dinner, and instead of the shop owner gunning for Lombardi, he instead decided to take his anger out on Robinson, who was an innocent bystander to Emanuel and Lombardi’s beef.

The shop owner and his cousin Ruks jumped Robinson, subsequently causing him to fall on his back.

Fast forward to season 7 and Robinson appeared to be suffering permanent injuries stemming from the fight. He was taken to a hospital when he and Lombardi found out that he’d sustained tissue damage in his back as a result of the fracas. The doctor said he’d be in physical therapy for weeks until he could “make all of” his “tissues and muscles normal again.”

“This is so scary right now I don’t even know what to do,” Lombardi said in her confessional, referring to her boyfriend’s situation. “F–k you Ceaser this is all your f–king fault!”

“Black Ink” viewers quickly turned the tables and blasted Lombardi for being the cause of Robinson’s crippling condition.

“He certainly doesn’t deserve all this 🙏 and Donna doesn’t look out for him having his best interest at heart. She’s selfish and self-centered. #Dumpdonna.”

“Man Alex needs to dump Donna this is all her fault! Get rid of her!”

“Really Donna he wouldn’t be in the hospital had you not started s–t with Ceas. Smh it’s your fault 🤷🏽‍♀️.”

“Can Alex get rid of her already! She’s the cause of his problems not Ceas and Teddy!”


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