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‘I’m Not Apologizing to Nobody:’ Ceaser Vows to Keep the Same Energy After Fight with Alex and Donna

Ceaser Emanuel doesn’t regret his actions one bit after his confrontation with Donna Lombardi and her boyfriend Alex Robinson turned physical during last weeks episode of “Black Ink Crew.”

Social media was in an uproar last Wednesday after Emanuel and his cousin Teddy Ruks were seen on reality television double teaming Robinson for no apparent reason. Moments after the explosive episode aired, Emanuel took to his Instagram Live to address fans attacking him for fighting his former employee.

“Nobody has asked me ‘why is Ceaser snapping this season?’ Yeah I’ve done some wrong shit … but at the end of the day I can’t regret none of that because … I dealt with a lot of disrespect,” Emanuel said on IG Live. “I’m not apologizing to nobody. … keeping that same energy until I get an apology ain’t no one getting an apology.”

Ceaser Emanuel


Emanuel said the reason he physically fought Robinson was because of the disrespect he received from Lombardi. He kept insisting that he doesn’t “hit women” so instead, he decided to attack Robinson, her boyfriend.

“You stay picking fights with me and it got to a point where I’m not gone keep getting disrespected by you and I don’t hit females… So I’m gonna have to fight somebody on the male side so it just so happened it was him,” Emanuel added. “Shit happens.”

Several “Black Ink” fans dragged the shop owner for not issuing an apology to Robinson for “disrespecting” him.

“Alex ain’t disrespect you, you owe him an apology.”

“So he basically saying that he don’t regret it… CANCELED.”

“Keeping that same energy is going to be the reason for ur down fall cause if I was Alex I would sue ur ass.”

“So you and your so-call cousin Teddy jumps a innocent man all because his woman (your employee) disrespects you? If she’s so disrespectful why not fire her? Cease just jealous of pretty boy Alex. Yea keep that same energy after you looooose everything because of that inflated EGO.”

One fan defended Emanuel and agreed that Lombardi’s disrespect was too much.

“Donna is always being disrespectful to Cease, as like many of them. They seem to forget that he’s D boss, although he made it bad from D start. He’s starting to put his feet down. I hope everyone sees their mistake, & apologize to each other. I love Cease.”

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