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‘Black Ink Crew’: Alex Robinson Implodes After Finding Out Back Injury from Fight May Have Ended His Tattoo Career

Things are coming to a head for “Black Ink Crew” New York franchise cast mate Alex Robinson.

The tattoo artist learned that his explosive fight with Ceaser Emanuel and his cousin Teddy Ruks last season, apparently took a toll on his overall health. During the season 7 premiere on March 13, Robinson learned that he suffered from severe tissue damage in his back as a result of the fracas with Emanuel and Ruks last season.

As if things weren’t bad enough, doctors told Robinson he would be in physical therapy for weeks, leaving him unable to financially provide for himself, son and girlfriend Donna Lombardi through tattooing. But that news wasn’t near as devastating than what he revealed to viewers during a preview of the March 20 episode.

Alex Robinson

Alex Robinson. (Photo: @blackinkcrew/Instagram)

As Lombardi was apparently picking Robinson up from spending a night in the hospital after shaking uncontrollably in pain due to his back injury, the tattoo artist refused to get in the car. Lombardi, seemingly confused about why her boyfriend was walking away from her, chased him while yelling his name, wanting to know what was wrong.

Robinson, who was clearly upset, broke the news to his girlfriend that his tattoo career was over due to the tissue damage in his back.

“You want to know what’s wrong with me? I can’t tattoo no more, like forever,” he yelled at Lombardi. “The doctor told me that my spine is so f–ked up that I have to find a new profession because tattooing is not it.”

He continued to implode, shouting,” That’s what’s wrong, that’s what’s f–king wrong with me and I’m f–ked up over it!”

“Black Ink” viewers pitied Robinson, blaming Emanuel and Ruks for the artist’s downfall.

“Damn man that f–ked up them 2 assholes need to pay 4 what they did to you Alex smh. It’s not fair he can’t tat no more 😩.”

“I truly hope big lipped caesar and fat and lazy Teddy lose it all! That’s cold blooded hope everything works out for Alex 😐.”

“Alex better do therapy n get back at it.. Doctors say a lot of stuff.. But ultimately God decides 🙏🙏. Ceez n teddy got they karma.”

“I hope he sue the brakes off them muthafu–as 🤷🏾‍♂️! That’s wack asf . I lost so much respect for cease &’ teddy after that fight!”

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