‘Alex Didn’t Deserve That:’ Black Ink Fans Scold Ceaser and Teddy Ruks for Jumping Alex

Black Ink Crew” viewers are dragging Ceaser Emanuel and Teddy Ruks for sneakily placing hands on tattoo artist Alex Robinson.

Just when the fans thought the drama came to a halt, all chaos broke loose during Wednesday night’s episode of the VH1 series. Emanuel went all out for Young Bae‘s upcoming wedding after she asked him to walk her down the aisle. The joyous moment quickly went downhill after Emanuel found out that his former best friend-turned enemy Richard Ohs**t Duncan and his former employees Robinson and Donna Lombardi were going to be in attendance at Bae’s wedding dinner.

Emanuel and Duncan came face-to-face after beefing online for months and were seconds away from coming to blows before security intervened. To make matters worst, Robinson and Lombardi arrived to the event just moments after Emanuel’s heated confrontation with his ex-bestie. The “Black Ink” owner was still enraged and began lashing at his former employees.

Ceaser Emanuel

(photo credit: (L) Ceaser E. and (R) Alex R. Castmates get into big fight at Bae’s Wedding

“Why ya’ll f**king playing with me,” Emanuel said to the couple before walking towards them. “Ya’ll got something to say to me?”

Moments before Emanuel threw a punch at Robinson, his cousin Teddy Ruks jabbed the tattoo artist from behind and seeming double teamed Robinson. Chaos quickly erupted as Lombardi jumped to her boyfriend’s defense and tried to put Emanuel in a choke hold.

VH1 security eventually broke up the fight, but “Black Ink Crew” viewers were “pissed” that Emanuel and Ruks double teamed Robinson when he did nothing absolutely nothing wrong.

“Cease and Ted got me tight … they pu**y 😐 .”

“Cesar is a b**ch and f**k Teddy for coming up behind Alex like that!”

“Alex didn’t deserve that man. Ceas and Ted are some straight b**ches!”

That was a punk ass move from what I seen why cease mad at Alex he didn’t even do nun 🤔.”

“They both punks for that move and to top it off Ceasar has gotten so big headed.”

“Why is Teddy ugly ass still in the show him and Ceas was wrong for jumping Alex, but Im glad Donna jumped in.”

“Alex wasn’t playing with them doe on me and Teddy is a hoe for that pussy sneak up …. Why yall didn’t do that to Richard 🤔.”

One fan blamed Young Bae for inviting all of Emanuel’s enemies to her wedding event.

“Bae should not have invited none of them anyway its her fault 💔.”


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