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Tamar Braxton Shading Estranged Husband Vince Herbert? Singer Says She’s Currently In Love ‘Like Never Before’

Tamar Braxton is leaving no doubts that she is done with estranged husband Vince Herbert and so in love with her mystery boyfriend.

“Wakanda is amazing, everything you’ve seen is real,” Braxton disclosed of how things are going with her Nigerian beau, rumored to be named Yemi, on “Daily Pop” Friday, Feb. 22.

The singer went on to add that she is “absolutely” in love.

“Like, head over heels, like never before,” she says. “Like I’m 17 again. It’s amazing! He’s got a couple [of jobs] and he’s fine!”

Braxton remained mum on the mystery man’s exact line of work but noted she’s eager to see what happens next in their eight-month courtship. When asked if a ring will be placed on that telltale finger soon the star replied, “Well, I’m not gon’ ask myself, but we’ll see what happens.”

Still, the relationship is being presented by Braxton as the real deal, as the “Celebrity Big Brother” season 2 winner noted that she and her boyfriend are both in their 40s, so they’re not messing around with their romance.

“He saw me without the wig, and he’s here for it, too,” Braxton added. “He likes both, so I mix it up.”,

It’s certainly a shift from what her soon-to-be-ex Herbert liked. Braxton previously said she used to stick to blond wigs because that was the music executive’s preference.

“I believe in being attractive for your mate … I used to have all blond wigs; I have 150,000 of them at my house since I shaved my hair off,” she said on “The Steve Harvey Show” last year. “They’re all on sale, by the way. Vince likes blond hair, light-faired women. … For me, I just think that’s a responsibility that women have, to stay current for your man.”

But now, Braxton is able to do just that for her new man simply by being herself. And that’s just the way her new boo likes it.

While Braxton has been publicly gushing about her man ever since she showed up to “The Wendy Williams Show” to chat about her then-new romance last September, the star’s man is equally thrilled about Braxton.

“I know we haven’t known each other that long but really seems like I’ve known you for a lifetime. … I really miss waking up to you,” Braxton read of a love note her boyfriend sent her while she was in the “Big Brother” house. “You’re looking beautiful when you wake up, as you do any other time of the day. I really miss you. I knew you were the one from the moment I saw you.”

Meanwhile, Braxton is still contending with a divorce from Herbert, whom she filed to leave in October 2017. She admitted in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, “I don’t even know if I’m divorced.” A member of her entourage confirmed she is not.


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