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Tamar Braxton Claps Back at Fans Who Slam Her for Wearing Wigs Again

Tamar Braxton made headlines in March when she shaved her head into a low haircut after splitting from Vincent Herbert. So when she began donning a wig for work, one some fans took issue with her going back to a style she wore when she was on good terms with her ex.

“I had to work today so I had to put this wig on😕 its too hot bih🤦🏽‍♀️ y’all can have that s—✌🏽its 100 degrees☀ I’m sweating in my tits🙃😂😂 p.s. I did my OWN makeup and hair😜,” she captioned her June 13 IG post.

Yet despite Braxton’s apparent disdain for the hairpiece, fans decided to call her out for wearing one in the first place.

“We ALL knew that look wasn’t gonna last. No shocker.

“You look beautiful, but noooooooo take it off”

“You said that you would never put wigs on again. You’re good either way but don’t speak in [haste],” user @blondierr said.

“I never said that, sis,” Braxton replied.

tamar braxton hair

But several fans responded, “yes you did sis.” Braxton shaved her head bald 3 months ago writing on Instagram that she was “finally free.”

“I’m over feeling captive to a wig, weave, people, people’s comments & opinions hell…even my OWN feelings!” she explained of the drastic cut in a follow-up post. “WE can choose to stop these things from having the power and victory over us!! And for me, that starts TODAY 🤸🏾‍♀️ #happysttamarsday🍀.”

In response to the Instagram users call out, however, several fans took sides. Others also remarked on Braxton’s comment on “Steve” in March about selling her blonde wigs. She said she wore them to appease her estranged husband Vincent Herbert because she “won’t be needing them anymore.”

“Wig police? So what even if she said never. The law allows people to change their minds. I think it’s in the constitution somewhere!!”

“@blondierr I heard her say it too, but maybe she wants to change it up, u know how we do😊😉.”

“She literally said she wouldn’t be needing her blonde wigs anymore and then went to put on a blonde wig. We know who moved back in with Vince 😂😂.”

“@blondierr How many times have we all said we would never do something and turned around and did that something again 🤔. Ohhh ok just checking. Nobody needs you to be a point of memory reference @tamarbraxton is a child of God human first we all change [our] minds from time to time. It’s called free will.”

“@blondierr she also got on IG and said she was just joking about selling her wigs. Also, ppl have a right to change their mind. 🙄.”

Tamar seemed unbothered by the comments. She posted another video wearing a different wig.

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