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Tamar Braxton Announces ‘Braxton Family Values’ Is Coming Back for Another Season Following Epic Blowout Last Year

After a drama-ridden ninth season, Tamar Braxton confirmed she and her siblings are not through with reality TV yet. The singer announced Jan. 4 on Instagram that “Braxton Family Values” is coming back for a tenth season.

“We are the Braxton’s and you”ll see that we are just like an ordinary family season 10 bruh💪🏽 #GodisGood #sogreatful 💕( everyone isn’t here) don’t @ me,” the star said on the social media site Friday.

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Braxton did not provide details about when the new slate of episodes will air, but fans have shared their excitement regardless.

“Now this is the family I miss…can’t wait to see y’all @tonibraxton @therealtracibraxton @itowandabraxton @trinabraxton1 @tamarbraxton and of course @evelynbraxton aka Mommy…Season 10 let’s go.”

“Looking forward to season 10.”

“I’m so excited to hear that I can’t wait congratulations 🍾 ladies!!”

“Get that coin Tamar. If the Kardashians can have all these seasons why can’t y’all! They bicker and fight every season but come back so can y’all! Love it.”

The news comes after an explosive season of “BFV” aired on WEtv this year, which after a midseason hiatus in mid-2018 saw the family walk off the set over a payment dispute.

Tamar, Toni BraxtonTowanda Braxton and Trina Braxton all ditched the show in June with their mother Evelyn Braxton. But Traci Braxton went back on joining the family’s protest and resumed filming the second half of the season on her own. Without her siblings and mom, she recruited pals like Phaedra Parks, formerly of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” to film with her.

The clash led to tension among the siblings, with Tamar mocking Parks’ addition to the cast with other miscellaneous reality stars in August. The final episodes of “Braxton Family Values” aired in October and saw the entire clan sit down with life coach Iyanla Vanzant for an emotional exposure of all the sisters’ feelings about one another.

The moment exposed some especially painful secrets for Tamar, whose childhood molestation became the subject of the mediation. The attention was so intense and unexpected that the star explained on Instagram that she had to up and leave the talk.

“Since someone there decided that they would ask me about something so private, so embarrassing, so secretive in front of EVERYONE that was there, I felt like my life was flashing before my eyes and IMMEDIATELY started to cry … because once again my right to choose was taken from me all over again,” the star confessed.

Since the chaotic mediation session, Tamar has begun making amends with each of her sisters, perhaps paving the way for a more cohesive tenth season of their reality show.

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