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Tamar Braxton Says Family Was ‘Blindsided’ by Phaedra Parks’ Inclusion in Show

Tamar Braxton says Phaedra Parks‘ inclusion on “Braxton Family Values” blindsided her and that she refuses to support a show that has devolved into “ratchet Black television.”

The singer went on Instagram Live Wednesday night after a video she posted this week picked up steam for her seeming to make fun of Parks joining her sister Traci Braxton for episodes during the sixth season.

“Who’s not a Braxton, Towanda? Who? Phaedra Braxton not a Braxton?” Tamar asked her sister. “C’mon, let’s do a toast. Let’s do a toast to the Braxton wannabes. To Phaedra Braxton … Maybe she’ll be funny and great.”

In a live stream, Braxton explained she simply has an issue with not being consulted on the addition of the former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star on a show she put money up to produce.

“I financed [the show] and it’s like, what’s jacked up is the lack of respect. And no one should be blindsided. No one should have somebody else on the show that they didn’t approve of and didn’t work hard for. And I haven’t seen any episodes — please don’t ask me. I have nothing against Phaedra. It was a joke. I called her Phaedra Braxton because you doin’ promos for ‘Braxton Family Values,’ you not a Braxton and that was just the jist of it.

“Imma always ride for my sisters and for my family,” she continues. “Everybody has made mistakes in the past and everybody has said something that they shouldn’t have said. However, when that happens it’s like you come to realize … it’s just that one thing that brings everything back together.”

Braxton also said that her sisters came to an agreement and she herself signed on to do two episodes but couldn’t complete shooting “because it’s everything I’m against, which is like ratchet television, ratchet Black television. This is nothing like what this whole show was designed to be. It was about five positive Black women and it’s not what it is any more so I don’t have time for that.”

The singer added that no one is “watching” or “supporting” BFV nor does the family have the desire to shoot because “it’s a lot of disrespect.”

She added that a show focusing on just her had been offered but she was on the fence about it.

“We’ll see because this is like [an] all-time low,” she says. “It’s almost like, how you support somebody who goes against your morals and values and blindsides your family.”

In response, fans have been supportive of her choice.

“Don’t let that network get between your beautiful family. They are going to get theirs. Get yours too. #reversepsychology.”

“I love you tamarr and ur family💕💕💕.”


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