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Phaedra Parks Returns to Reality TV on ‘Braxton Family Values’

A week after “Braxton Family Values” returned from a hiatus for the next half of season six, former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Phaedra Parks has confirmed she’s joining the cast.

Parks sat with Traci Braxton on “Good Day New York” recently to chat about how her involvement in the show came to be.

“Phaedra and I, you know, we always been in crossing of seeing each other,” Braxton explains. “So when the show was on a little hiatus I continued to work and Phaedra was contacted. She was like, ‘Of course, Traci, I would love to do some adventures with you.’ So we got together and we’ve been having a ball since.”

That hiatus Braxton mentioned was because all of her sisters TamarToniTowanda, Trina and mom Evelyn Braxton walked off the set in June over a pay dispute. Since then, filming has resumed but before that time, Traci went on some escapades of her own with Parks.

“We just knew a DMV diva and a southern belle sweetie would cause a lot of chaos,” Parks says. “So we’re all about it.”

The pair got into some mischief at a cattle ranch with comedian Kym Whitley, reality TV star Tiffany “New York” Pollard and rapper Flavor Flav.

When asked about what led the sisters to decided to come back to the show, Traci wouldn’t divulge.

“I don’t get into their business and they don’t get into mine,” she says. “So they decided they was goin’ back. I don’t know what else is goin’ on. They only my sisters. When you put a lot of business things in a mixture of a family setting, it tends to be messy.”

Traci added that as a family, things are fine between the siblings but chatter about business is off limits.

Aside from BFV, Traci is gearing up to hit the road on a solo tour while Parks is working on a book about parenting and navigating life as a Black woman.

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