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Traci Braxton Stops Cameras From ‘Rolling’ During Explosive Session with Iyanla Vanzant

After reports emerged that communications between the Braxton sisters have not improved since their sit down with life coach Iyanla Vanzant, fans will soon be able to discover how things went for themselves.

A teaser for the upcoming “Braxton Family Values” episode has been released and it shows what led Traci Braxton to feel abandoned by her sisters and how Toni Braxton perceives her sister Tamar Braxton‘s animated ways.

Regarding the highly reported on set walk off that Tamar, Towanda BraxtonTrina Braxton and their mother Evelyn Braxton participated in, Traci explained she was deemed a traitor for forging ahead with shooting — and adding former “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Phaedra Parks to the cast — sans her family’s participation.

“Tamar said that,” Traci told Vanzant of who said she was a deserter.

When asked what the agreement was that caused the family to look at Traci differently when everyone else ditched the production, Traci needed a timeout.

“Stop rolling, stop rolling,” she commands of the camera crew.

Elsewhere, Toni explains how “disappointed” she feels when Tamar recalls stories in an excited manner.

“I wish my sister could narrate without all the expressions,” she tells Vanzant, who then asks if that’s coming from Tamar the person or the performer.

“It’s a person,” Toni replies. “That’s from infancy… I feel disappointed that she has to be animated to express herself.”

When Vanzant points out that Toni is disappointed in the person her sister has been her whole life, Toni apologizes to Tamar.

Fans have sounded off on the clip, which will air in a two-part season finale on WE tv Sept. 27 and Oct. 4.

“They need to be honest and stop brushing over things.”

“You got TD Jakes, Now Iyanla… Y’all are just doing this for camera still haven’t figured it out?😒”

“Time for Tamar to grow up. She’s not a child anymore.”

“Traci is always treated bad in my opinion. Her mother rarely deals with her. She focused on the ones who are popular mostly.”

Elsewhere, rumors have swirled that the sit down interview made matters worse between the sisters. Tamar supposedly tweeted that “Rhonda,” Vanzant’s birth name, “is the devil.”

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