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K. Michelle Takes to Instagram to Angrily Explain Why She Doesn’t ‘Look the Same’

K. Michelle didn’t take too kindly to fans who trolled her recent photo with “skin bleaching” comments, and she quickly nipped the rumors in the bud on Thursday afternoon.

The “Can’t Raise a Man” singer shared a picture of herself on Instagram this week that created controversy among fans in the comment section. In the photo, K. Michelle’s skin complexion appeared to be lighter than usual, which had people scratching their heads. Fans flooded her comment section with over 2,300 remarks and said she looked like a “Caucasian woman.”

The “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star seemed fed up with social media users who relentlessly bashed her appearance and accused her of “white-washing” her skin. ‘Kimberly’ took to social media Thursday afternoon and wrote a lengthy post to once and for all shut down naysayers and their speculations.

K. Michelle

(photo credit: K. Michelle’s Instagram)

“Me, 3 days ago in my @fashionnova I think I’m still black. The shit y’all make up when you just can’t find anything to hang a person,” K. Michelle wrote. “I’ve been fighting for my life for 6 months. Umm of course I dont look the same. Seriously. I was Like seriously sick to the point of not knowing if I would still be here. I almost lost my life , I wont let you take it. Your own people will make fun of you when you really on some positive shit.”

In April, K. Michelle revealed that she almost died after suffering from complications after surgery to remove her butt implants.

“Bleaching- Never done it and don’t even know how,” she continued. “I just got completely healthy a month ago. Mean- Yes, as FUCK Dropped- Actually never been dropped my whole career NOT Once. I always asked and fought for my release honestly! My Butt- I admitted it to the world unlike your favorites. I wanted to help women. Now my a** is ALL real. Now what? My nose- Yes it’s pinched My P***y- A go to rumor of discussion from people who never even met me. Sooo….. NOW What? I’m me! Are you you?.”

Over the past few months, social media has questioned K’s appearance and said she’s been looking like a completely different person. However, fans responded back to K. Michelle’s lengthy statement about her “looks” with love and support.

“I love your courage and standing in your truth. Keep rising darling keep rising.”

“Keep your head held high. People will never understand your head on direct approach at life. You will forever be misunderstood. Keep making moves and thank GOD for his healing grace.”

“💪🏾 Don’t let the HATERS stop you from telling your truth. I hear you. I see you. We are proud of everything you have done. And will continue to do. Keep pushing through. ”

“I freaking 💖❤💜🧡💛💚💙 your willingness to be transparent, blunt, direct & completely unapologetic! Don’t change! Keep growing! Stay healthy! Trust God!”

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