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‘Once They Cry, I Turn Into the Man’: K. Michelle Says She Doesn’t Want Her Man to Cry In Front of Her

K. Michelle knows just how to keep the folks with her unique takes on relationships and dating. This time fans are pushing back after she shared her thoughts about men crying.

The “Can’t Raise a Man” singer was chatting with someone outside of the camera’s frame while on Instagram Live and she explained why a man crying in front of her makes her feel less protected.

“I just don’t want men to cry, because then I don’t feel protected,” she said in a video captured by Live Bitez on April 10.

K. Michelle
K. Michelle says she doesn’t like her man to cry in front of her. (Photo: @kmichellemusic / Instagram)

After a voice off camera said they thought men should be able to feel vulnerable with their significant other, the former “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star added that she agreed but she didn’t like seeing them cry.

“I think men should be able to cry and be vulnerable,” she continued. “But for some reason, once they cry, you know what happens to me? I turn into the man. When they cry, I be like ‘f—k!'”

The voice off-camera asked the “V.S.O.P.” singer if she still had a problem with her man crying if there was a death in the family.

“I get it, family. I’m not saying that,” she continued. “But I’m talking about like if something don’t go their way, like, cry. … But, like, if someone die in your family and things like that … I just don’t want men to cry because then I don’t feel protected.”

Fans did not like K. Michelle’s comments about men crying and clapped back in the comment section.

“Girl if my man is crying I’m finna destroy whatever tf made him do that and I’m gon hug and coddle my mfkn man cause thats my mfkn man and my baby,” replied one. “Men need to be protected as well,” added another.

“Real man cry, it’s nothing wrong with it. It don’t make them weak or less than,” noted one. “Hence her being 60 and single,” joked another fan. “This why she single,” echoed another.

Fans on X also weighed in after the 42-year-old’s comments were shared on the platform. “You should be there for your man, they have emotions too,” wrote one X user. “Funny enough, as men, we are well aware there are some women who feel like this. but ima put this here anyway. stay away from ANYONE who is like this,” added another.

K. Michelle shocked fans months ago when she encouraged women to date outside their race, specifically white men.

The “When I Get a Man” singer appears to be single as she remains private about her love life and never shares photos of her with a man on social media. Her dating résumé includes rappers, producers, football players and Emmy-nominated actors.

Nivea, Tamar Braxton and Evelyn Lozada dated 25 men on season one of the Will Packer-produced Peacock series with the intent to find their soulmates last year. Nivea is very selective about who she dates and marries so she chose herself, while Lozada and Braxton each got engaged to finalists on the show. Both ladies were engaged for less than a year before revealing splits from their men.

Next, K. Michelle will reportedly star in season 2 of the reality dating show “Queens Court.”

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