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K. Michelle Blocks Fans Who Question Her Appearance, ‘This Ain’t K. Michelle’

R&B singer and former “Love and Hip Hop” breakout star K. Michelle has been sporting a smaller bottom after undergoing several surgeries to remove illegal butt implants. While fans noticed the change, her facial appearance has fans saying “this ain’t K. Michelle.”

The “Can’t Raise a Man” artist posted a video of herself with no make-up and her jet Black hair pulled up into a ponytail while she was working on her upcoming album. The singer wrote, “New album vibes. Hair pulled back ready for focus and war. Heavy soul it needs to be unloaded, now my pen is reloaded. I promise you guys it’s point’em out season.”

While some fans were excited about the star dropping a new album, others couldn’t help but realize how different K. Michelle looked. People commented on the singer’s jawline structure, slender nose and asked about her “lighter” skin complexion.

“Maybe she took something out of her face too…shes still pretty tho can’t say that for everyone,” one person wrote.

“This ain’t K. Michelle,” one fan commented.

“I love me some K and I hate for anyone to say anything about her but I have to agree am like who is this?” An Instagram user said.

Another person commented, “Uhh she looks totally different I almost didn’t recognize her.”

“Sis had more than her booty taken out… She look like a totally different person. Her skin lighter, and face structure different😳😳,” one fan mentioned.

When one fan commented “U look so different sis.. what’s going on.” The singer quickly hit back “nothing I’m using the same ole block button I always do to block y’all dumb asses.”

A few months after the singer resurfaced back on social media from having her butt implants removed, she set her Instagram to private after catching major backlash on her physical appearance.

K. Michelle has been extremely open about plastic surgery operations she’s received. The R&B artist has had a total of four surgical procedures to completely remove her illegal butt injections. However, the speculation of the 34-year-old’s facial features has been up for debate for a few months now, but she’s denied ever altering her face.

“I’ve never touched my face,” the singer said according to Newsweek.

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