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K. Michelle’s Appearance Has Some Fans Scratching Their Heads

Singer K. Michelle has a new look — and it’s not her more natural rear end.

The reality starlet, who recently documented the removal of her illegal butt injections on “The Dr. Oz Show,” posted a video on Instagram, Sunday, March 18 soundtracked to Biggie’s “Hypnotize” where she looked lighter and a lot more fresh-faced than usual.

Michelle had been on hiatus from social media of sorts late last year before undergoing a procedure to get her derrière back to a more natural size. But she’s been back online since January.

“Edible Cruising. Y’all I’ve really enjoyed my weekend,” Michelle said before crediting her look to a new skincare regimen. “I never get to let go and just glow! Skin Regiment from @drjasondiamond check him out. I do micro needling and PRP. My skin is amazing❤.”

While several people remarked on her makeup-free appearance, others were stuck on the fact that she doesn’t quite look like herself.

“Wait why she look so different?” someone commented.

“You look different 😳😱,” said another.

A separate person didn’t even think it was “Who is this though? Is this K. Michelle really?”

“She got her nose and cheekbones done,” someone speculated.

“Looks like a white woman now🤷🏾‍♀️,” another said. “Well, I guess that was her goal smh 🤦🏽‍♀️.”

“Who dis woman, harpo?,” another person joked.

Still, Michelle had some support.

“#BLACKDONTCRACK 😘😍 yo skin beautiful if they don’t like it obviously they gotta be hating and hating on a millionaire never brought me money #💓,” someone said.

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