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K. Michelle Hospitalized Again As She Continues to Highlight Dangers of Butt Injections

K. Michelle has brought fans every step of the way through her illegal butt injection removal surgeries and the latest update is no exception.

It appears the singer, who earlier this month said she’d need a second surgery, must have had some complications. In a Wednesday, April 11 Instagram Live video from a hospital bed, she revealed that she had multiple blood transfusions.

“I’ve been sick. I’m doing better. So I love y’all, so much. It’s been so rough. I’ve had blood transfusions, everything. It’s been a really rough week,” she said crying. “But I thank y’all for everything. I’m ok. I’m crying because I’m happy. I’m not crying because I’m sad. It’s been so painful. It’s been a lot. So I just thank God that I made it out on the other side and I thank God for everything that I’ve taken for granted.”

The singer expounded upon her journey in thek Instagram post, revealing that she’s begun therapy to relearn how to walk. This after an infection that developed on tour in February caused her to be rushed to the emergency room.

“Two blood transfusions later I’ve been released and started therapy today [to] heal and walk,” she wrote. “I have the most skilled and amazing reconstructive surgeon in Beverly Hills and I’m blessed to be here. It hurts my heart to know there are girls out here who can’t afford to have the best and are just sitting around in pain and infection. I thought I was strong but this changed my life. I saw my life flash right in front of me.”

After bashing “so-called friends” who weren’t able to be there in her time of need, she thanked the family and pals who did show up and support her. Michelle maintained she had “no hate in my heart” for those who cast her aside. And it seems the situation has put things into perspective for the “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star.

“[I’m] slowing my life down now [and] taking my time with my new music. There are songs and truths to be told,” she wrote. “I will sing them. But in my own time and way. My son needs me. Oh and those twins I want can FINALLY come This year because I’ll be able to actually pick them up. The small things matter most now.”

In response, many fans applauded Michelle’s candor.

“I love you for shedding light on this topic!” someone said.

“You are so courageous!!” another wrote. “Thanks for sharing your story!! I pray for your health and strength!! If I was your friend I would have been there for you. I am a true ride or die chick!! Stay blessed😍.”

“Thank you for sharing your story and being transparent,” another fan said. “Praying for total restoration ❤Can’t wait to hear you hot music 🎶.”

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