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K. Michelle’s New Pic Has Fans Confused: ‘Who Is This Caucasian Woman?’

R&B singer K. Michelle recently debuted a new picture of herself on Instagram, and it definitely had fans scratching their heads.

K. Michelle has been getting a lot of backlash on her appearance lately, and fans are now accusing her of skin whitening. The “I Just Can’t Do This” artist took to social media on Wednesday and shared a photo of herself rocking “Fashionova” attire. She sported a two-piece olive-green jumpsuit with a pair of “Fancy” nude pumps.

K. Michelle

(photo credit: K. Michelle’s Instagram)

K. Michelle captioned the photo, “So in my own head ❤️ Pretty Thangs.” She added, “No worries, I hardly take offense. Money for revenge, man,that’s hardly an expense.”

However, fans bombarded the singer’s photo with comments on skin bleaching and said she looked like a “whole white woman.”

“Harpo who this woman,” one person asked.

“I specifically remember you being browner sis… This makes me sad. I don’t get what’s wrong with being brown. did  I miss something. She just don’t know that Black is beautiful,” another wrote.”

“Pics getting lighter and lighter..Soon you going to be looking like Marlon Wayans in White Chicks.”

“The self hate is real!”

“You looking white and more white in your pic. Please stop what ever it is you’re darker than that. Love the skin you’re in.”

Other Instagram users jumped to K.’s defense and said makeup and outside lighting were the reasons the artist’s skin complexion looked lighter than normal.

“It’s call make up and lighting!”

“Of course when you’re outside you look lighter duhh!!!”

“Chill it’s make up and the lighting from the sun that makes her look light.”

The “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star received a lot of criticism on her appearance in March after showing a make-up free photo of herself. Fans accused her of having facial surgery and said she looked “unrecognizable.”

“She got her nose and cheekbones done.”

“Wait why she look so different?”

“Who is this though? Is this K. Michelle really?”

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