‘She Looks Incredible’: Fans Race to Vanessa Williams’ Defense After Critic Claims She Looks ‘Extra Thin’ During ‘GMA’ Interview

Vanessa Williams fans are not making any exceptions when policing unkind comments being made about the multi-hyphenate entertainer.

The former Miss America pageant winner was flooded with mostly excited reactions after she previewed the upcoming musical adaptation of “The Devil Wears Prada” during a July 9 appearance on “Good Morning America.” On Instagram, she re-shared photos from her sit-down with journalist Deborah Roberts.

vanessa williams looks urecognizable
Vanessa Williams faces more criticism following her “thin” appearance during a television interview. (Photo: @Vanessawilliamsofficial/Instagram.)

The two women first met over 30 years ago, but to several members of the “Save the Best for Last” singer’s loyal following, she has hardly aged a day. “So much beauty and goodness in one photo!” exclaimed a fan comparing the throwback photo of Williams, 61, and Roberts, 63, to the present-day images taken while on set for the interview.

A second person told her, “You are one of the most beautiful, incredible women ever!” While a third individual commented, “What a classic beauty! And without much work from what I can tell!”

Yet, somewhere in the midst of compliments being shared, a critic took the time to scrutinize Williams’ appearance.

In part, one wrote, “Vanessa Williams has lost so much weight she has dissipated. She don’t even look like herself. She looks much older now that she’s trying to stay extra thin and that’s not healthy.”

A defensive fan was quick to put the heckler in their place with a scathing response. “Well first of all…she looks incredible. She does not look older even tho she is. When have you ever seen thee Vanessa Williams looking girthy?! She actually works out, stays in shape,and loves her family immensely. Sooo for you to even get up this morning and decide to post some negative crap like this under such a positive post, ON HER PAGE!! Shows that you’re not a fan,” the supportive follower wrote.

The clapback was liked by multiple people and maybe set the tone for the type of comments that would be tolerated as no others dared to type anything unsavory about the “Ugly Betty” actress.

Vanessa Williams proved her figure has not changed in years when she pulled off a decades-old red carpet look in June 2024. (Photos: Vanessawilliamsofficial/Instagram.)

Last fall, when a behind-the-scenes image from a photo shoot landed online, many were quick to hit back at those scrutinizing Williams’ thin physique. Some even accused her of using Ozempic to shed weight, leaving her with what some considered a frail figure.

Her supporters urged their negative counterparts to recall the ways in which Chadwick Boseman was ridiculed for his drastically slimmed down appearance before his death. The “Black Panther” star died at the age of 43 in August 2020 following a private battle with colon cancer.

Another round of cruel attempts to shame the Hollywood veteran was defused when her bare-face selfie was used as a dartboard for criticism. However, Williams has remained seemingly unbothered by the hate and continued to proudly show off her natural beauty, laugh lines and all.

She even proved that her curves are not much different today than they were decades ago when she easily fit into one of her red carpet looks from years past. But that’s not all that she is proving.

In the West End musical version of Disney’s 2006 comedy “The Devil Wears Prada,” Williams will portray the lead role, Miranda Priestly, who was originally portrayed by legendary screen star Meryl Streep.

The gig is the second-biggest career update she has taken on this year. She previously demonstrated that her vocals are still in tip-top shape when she released her first single, “Legs (Keep Dancing),” in April.

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