‘So This Isn’t a Filter??’: Fans Race to Vanessa Williams’ Defense After Folks Claim She Looks Unrecognizable Without Makeup In New Bareface Pic

Vanessa Williams’ barefaced photo on Instagram has a few fans doing a double take. 

The 60-year-old actress shared an unfiltered selfie in workout gear and a headband wrapped around her head. In the picture, Williams is seen staring deep into the camera with her lips poked out.

“No filter …No energy #rescuecrew,” she captioned the post. 

Vanessa Williams fans run to her defense after the star shares an unfiltered photo of herself. (Pictured: @vanessawilliamsofficial/Instagram)

From the looks of previous images shared on her page, Williams is part of a group of workers who have helped organize and clean out four cluttered homes that were left to her best friend, Toni, following the loss of the friend’s mother. 

The Neighborhood Talk reshared Williams’ photo on its page, where several commenters decided to criticize the “Soul Food” star’s look. 

“She reaped the benefits of being mixed in her younger years now she has to  face the side effects of being mixed in her older years.”

“So this isn’t a filter??”

However, with many negative comments came positive messages in support of the former Miss America winner for showing off her true, natural glow.  

“This is what 60 looks like for most ppl! Y’all need to chill on the age slander.” 

“At least she has enough confidence to post it. Most people half her age wouldn’t be caught without a filter EVER!”

“Y’all so used to plastic surgery. She literally looks normal and beautiful.”

“WAIT! So y’all really age/image shaming her?! This woman has been effortlessly beautiful her entire life! And to my understanding she took this picture after working to help rebuild homes for people… was she supposed to be glammed up or is she not allow to gracefully age?!”

Williams turned 60 years old on March 18, and spoke about the blessing of getting older while talking to Jennifer Hudson on the EGOT winner’s daytime talk show, “The Jennifer Hudson Show.” 

During their conversation, Williams admitted that reaching this age was a “big” milestone for her. 

“50 was fine, I figured, I got half my life to left over,’” she said, “60 was like, ‘Okay, how many years do I have left?’ It’s like is it 25 is it 30? It was a big one.” 

To celebrate her birthday, Williams spent an “amazing” 10 days in the Bahamas with her family. Throughout their trip, they embarked on bicycle rides, swam in the ocean and enjoyed fishing. 

While some may view aging as a bad thing, Williams looks at it as a “privilege” that needs to be embraced more often. 

She told Hudson, “There’s a sense of ease. The older you get, the less you care about what everybody else has to say. You know, you’re living in your own glory. You accept yourself, you give yourself grace.”

The mother of four expressed that she’s no longer hard on herself compared to when she was in her 20s and 30s. “There is a sense of kind of satisfaction and ease that you get, the older you get,” said Williams.

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