‘You Are Very Thin Now’: Fans Race to Vanessa Williams’ Defense After Trolls Accuse Her of Having Plastic Surgery

In 1984, Vanessa Williams became the first Black woman in history to be crowned Miss America. With her striking green eyes, fair skin, brown hair, and radiant smile, Williams was hailed as one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Fast-forward 40 years, and the “Save the Best for Last” singer remains a symbol of beauty and grace. At 61, Williams continues to captivate her audience, but not without facing the scrutiny about her getting older and thinner.

vanessa williams accused of having plastic surgery
Vanessa Williams accused of having a face lift after fans zoom in on her new photos. (Photo: Vanessawilliamsofficial/Instagram.

Earlier last week, she posted a selfie on social media where her face looked a little more refreshed than it did in previous weeks. Fans suggested she was either using weight-loss drugs or had undergone cosmetic surgery.

“Ozempix??? Just wondering… you are very thin now,” wrote one person.

A few others on Lipstick Alley believe Williams’ slimmer cheekbones and tight mouth are evidence of a recent facelift.

One said, “I wonder if she did a deep plane face lift. They tend to have more natural looking results. It looks great. I am definitely having this later in life.”

A third added, “I think she did and I ain’t mad at her.”

It is not known whether Williams has had plastic surgery, but regardless fans are still in love with the former Miss America.

One individual wrote, “If you gon’ do cosmetic surgery, THAT’S HOW YOU DO IT!!!!” Another compliment read, “You are so beautiful Vanessa natural with no make up! I’ve always love those eyes of yours. Yours have more blue. Mine have more gray.”

The A-lister previously has said she has chosen not to go under the knife and she’s embracing her natural aging process.

Recently, speculation has surfaced about the “Soul Food” actress’s substantial weight loss. Some are saying she got her slim figure from taking popular celebrity-approved weight loss drugs like Ozempic. Critics have also voiced concerns over her appearance, labeling her as being “too thin,” but is it because of age, working out, or use of the popular drug to get smaller?

On Williams‘ most recent birthday, she posted an extensive “I am Vanessa Williams”-style workout video on Instagram. The clip shows her doing lunges, lifting weights, pushups, rocker situps, and using a medicine ball.

This year Williams was cast as Miranda Priestly in the new Broadway production of “The Devil Wears Prada.” Fans were excited, claiming her mature and sophisticated look was perfect for the role.

One person said, “Yeeessss!!!!!! Besides Meryl Streep, they couldn’t pick a more better powerhouse besides the Queen of all Queens to do this musical Miss Vanessa Williams!!!!”

“THE PERFECT CASTING I CAN’T,” another wrote, as someone else referenced her “Ugly Betty” character, saying, “Wilhelmina Slater to Miranda Priestly??!!! The Clackers aren’t READY!!”

Last month the singer dropped her single “Legs (Keep Dancing)” as her first music release in 15 years.

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