‘My Mind Is In the Gutter’: Richard Lawson Has Flirty Exchange with Online Fan Nearly One Year Following Split from Tina Knowles and Social Media Discovering X-Rated Content In His Likes

Richard Lawson is rewinding the hands of time, and his female fans are loving every second of it. The former “All My Children” star is keeping his Instagram followers chomping at the bit to get a good look at his transformed figure.

His most recent posts not only show off his trimmed-down physique and toned arm muscles but also clue fans in on how he is keeping light on his feet and remaining optimistic a year after Tina Knowles filed for divorce. Their split came eight years after they exchanged vows in an intimate wedding aboard a yacht in Newport Beach, California.

Richard Lawson fans say he’s looking better than ever after separation from Tina Knowles. (Photos: Richardlawson/Instagram; Amy Sussman/WireImage for Parkwood)

But Lawson has not been sitting by idly as details of the separation are worked out; instead, he has ushered in her third act of life.

“Being in the third act of my life at 77 years old and having bitten the bullet to make the changes necessary to experience a higher quality of life and hopefully add some longevity, I recognize that my journey may be a source of motivation for other people,” he said in a video plugging his new endeavor, 3rd Act Solutions, seminars to help people manifest the life they want for themselves.

As far as fans can see, the “For Colored Girls” actor had a vision of being a specimen who defies time and tempts women into lusting after more than his mature wisdom. “Let’s go!!! 77 where?” remarked an onlooker. Lawson responded, “The older, the vintage the more valuable the wine.”

Another woman commented on the post, “Sir, you are aging backward so whatever you are doing is working keep up the good work.”

More fawning can be observed in a second post that showed Lawson treating his body to a post-workout cold plunge. Even with swim trunks and a shirt on, swooning ladies could not contain their excitement for him.

And maybe Lawson roped them into getting hot in the pants as he spoke about how his clothing kept his nipples from being too stimulated by the ice cold temperature and his “jewels” from retreating into his body in the way that only male anatomy can do.

“My mind is in the gutter. Imma keep it to myself awesome that you can do this,” a follower wrote. He responded with a flirty, “hmmmmm.” Still, his charming looks took center stage when another person complimented him with “YOU LOOK 100% BETTER SINCE THE DIVORCE.”

Knowles filed for divorce in June of last year. Shortly after, fans discovered x-rated content in his likes on the X platform, formerly known as Twitter. Many assumed he had a “porn addiction” after he deactivated his account after fans found adult content that allegedly dates back to 2020.  

Neither Lawson nor Knowles have issued public remarks about their fizzled-out romance. Though social media users have speculated that the writing had been on the wall since the couple appeared years ago on OWN’s popular series “Black Love,” where couples dish on the highlights and the challenges of their marriages.

In a July 5 post that showed him dancing in the gym, a fan disrupted his groove when they commented, “Can you and Tina make up ?”

Lawson quickly shut down the tangent, snapping back with, “please don’t bring that in here.”

Another said, “Ok, Ms Tina Lawson , I think that dance is for you, girl,” to which he responded, “That dance is for me.”

The marriage marked a second trip down the aisle for both stars. Two years after her first husband, Beyoncé and Solange’s dad, Mathew Knowles tied the knot with his new wife, Knowles and Lawson married in April 2015.

Lawson was previously married from 1978 to 1989 to actress Denise Gordy, the mother of his daughter, fellow actress Bianca Lawson.

Around the time that news of Knowles’ divorce filing broke, many had already begun to suspect that problems had arose. The once lovey-dovey pair were no longer posting photos together and had not been seen side by side for weeks.

The mother of two Grammy-winning superstars has since seemed to get her groove back and hit up a number of red carpet events. She attended Mike Rubin’s white party last summer and again this year, when it was held on the Fourth of July. 

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