‘Stop Lying’: Tia Mowry Says She’s ‘Not For the Streets’ Weeks After Ex-Husband Cory Hardrict Reveals He’s ‘Back Outside’

Actress Tia Mowry loves playing in her fans’ faces, posting some of the most hilariously provocative videos on her social media, knowing that people are going to read deeply into her posts or her captions.

Two recent videos she posted on Instagram has left many of her 12.6 million followers speculating on just how outspoken she’s been after splitting from her ex-husband Cory Hardrict.

In one video, Mowry jokingly teases that she had a new “boo” after having a female friend feed her food as the woman stayed off camera. In another one, the 45-year-old revealed she was is in her “H.O.E.” phase, iterating that means “Happiness Over Everything.”

tia not for the streets mowry
Tia Mowry says she’s not for the “streets” after ex-husband Cory Hardrict reveals he’s “back outside.” (Photos: Tiamowry/Instagram; Coryhardrict/Instagram.

Now, her latest video joke is about how boring she has become in her later years.

“I love when people ask me, ‘Like what do you got going on tonight?’” the “Sister, Sister” star lip sync’s to a viral audio clip. “I’m going to be in bed. I’m going to be horizontal. I’m going to be watching my big screen, while also looking at my little screen at the same time with my snackies.”

“I am for the sheets, not the streets,” the “Family Reunion” star concluded her post.

Many in the comments co-signed the feeling, saying, “I’m in these sheets on the regular. So is this a 40+ thing because the love I have for my bed is beyond a fling. This king may get a [ring emoji].

Others joked with comments like, “When you walk through those doors and be like. Yessss the bed!” and “Lord dem sheets be where the party is with snacks too what.”

Still, others played the devil on her left shoulder, writing, “Just try the streets for 1 day.”

Some were not quite buying what Mowry was selling, blasting, “Stop lying and thinking you have an alibi you have been at so many Diddy freak off parties.”

The radical reversals in her joking style online could have been influenced by her ex saying he was “outside” during a recent interview.

The extremely private “All American: Homecoming” star sat down with Baller Alert’s Angie B, to promote his new film “Divorce in the Black” with Meagan Good.

When she asked, “Has playing Dallas [his character in the movie] helped you heal or had any type of revelation on your personal life?” he replied with a cautious but insightful answer.

After Hardrict mentioned that the characters Dallas and Cory are in no way similar, he added that this character exists in the world, and when he looks at a character, he considers what he can bring to it, such as authenticity, rawness, and truth.

“I felt like it was all there, so, like I said, without getting into like my personal life, I just feel like we all go through things in life and sometimes you need outlets,” Hardrict continued. “This film was a big outlet for me.”

He explained that every emotion he channeled during those times was real and honest. The entire cast felt it on set, and their performances were genuine because they had those emotions built up, which made working on the movie so great.

Then he burst out and said, “So, yeah, it helped me out. I’m blessed and highly favored. I’m outside. Listen, I’m excited. I ain’t been outside in ten years.”

Even though, Hardrict shared that he is venturing “outside” after years of marriage, he shared with his fans in a separate interview that it has been a struggle — mostly because he no longer resides in the same home as his children.

Both actors share a 12-year-old son, Cree, and a 5-year-old daughter, Cairo. 

In the divorce, Mowry got to keep the $4.3 million dollar family mansion they all lived in together. Both parties agreed to support and care for their children together and neither was ordered to pay spousal support.

Fans may continue watching Mowry live life out loud on her social media, and she is also filming a new reality show about her life after divorce.

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